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and a really, really, really slippery slope here.

But the report bars any discrimination against patients on grounds of age alone. Nice stressed that people should not be discriminated against by doctors simply because they smoked or were overweight. Its ruling should apply only if the treatment was likely to be less effective, or not work because of an unhealthy habit. But the effect is likely to be the same. This time, we took our half-sheet cake to the checkout counter and I gingerly lay it on the conveyor belt. Taped to the top was the original invoice with our specific requests for the wording and decorations, with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" in large letters. Being friendly and inquisitive, the young twenty-something gentleman at the register bantered with me as many cashiers will, especially at this particular store. Sliding the cake along the conveyor and ringing it up, he looked at me and said, "So, I see it says happy birthday on the cake. Who's birthday is it?" He smiled widely. Mary told me later that my face turned very red in that moment as she watched me from nearby. I have to drink a Mountain Dew in the morning to wake myself up! I don't like the taste or smell of coffee. I love reality TV. Love sweets! Just a little bit each day will fix me. I'm a home body. Love to stay home and have time to myself. Hate cooking with a passion, but love to clean. We didn’t get to see Adam for his birthday because they had a virus going on at their house. He might look a little older than he is…because some girls at the movies asked him for his phone number…and he doesn’t have a phone…. well other than a home phone. Good thing too as every time I call and he answers…he never knows anything or the whereabouts of his family members. Sad that this bear paws are considered a delicacy in Cantonese culture. Via Neatorama. Today I dragged myself out of the house and went to "mini-retreat" that my guild holds two or three times a year. Didn't stay long but I did at least get out of the house and almost quilted! Also, I got to see my birthday quilt blocks all put together into a quilt top! Lots of scottie dogs and tea cups, red sox, patriotic, moda and Mary Englebreit. It is a patriotic quilt and is looking good!Dobby is now officially the big cat in the house. I try to get the poster mounted early, and I try to stand near it almost the entire poster session, and am often one of the last ones out of the hall. Not everyone shares my enthusiasm, however. Planning is important to get the optimum mix of presentation to viewing time. indulgy. Whenever I start thinking about whether or not I should keep blogging, I run across something like this on the street. And I wonder, would I even notice this if I did not have a journal that covets the eccentric confined within the ordinary? Mexico is filled with all sorts of kitsch like this. But, why not barbecue pig parts over a pig grill. After all, Los Angeles made a name for itself with novelty architecture. I really need to ask how much it costs. Better known as the master of Ryu and Ken, Gouken imparted his skills of Hadouken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Sempyukeyu. Sculpt of this Gouken figure resembled more of how he appeared as in Street Fighter Alpha, a non player character at that time, more as a background character. Mine of the normal version and another is the Battle-cry version. The difference are the head sculpt.

One of my favourite scents is lavender.

I grow it in my garden and we have it in many different products here at Rocky Mountain Soap. It is one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly onto the skin. It has been called "blue gold", has sedative properties and is very relaxing. It is anti-microbial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It is of course used in cosmetics, bath and body products and as a delightful fragrance in French cooking and chocolate. The nectar from the flowers also produces a deliciously scented honey. So, with this in mind, I thought I knew everything that I needed to know: all lavender is produced in France, it is easy to grow and all lavender is the same. altre 'nikyscreations news' vi attendono miei care.

If you are a fan of the show, "Friday Night Lights," then you know that saying/motto is from that show.

This show is. extraordinary. This show didn't get a huge audience when it was on NBC, but it is so, so good. You watch this show and you can't help but fall in love with Dillon, Texas. A small container for carrying around someone else's ambitions. From the NYT: Donald Trump Delivers a Long, Passionate Speech. He Introduces Mike Pence, Too. If ever there was a moment for Donald J. Trump to share the spotlight, his formal announcement of his running mate on Saturday was it. Instead, his introduction of Gov. your must-see video of the day. No, really. You have got to see libtard ignorance on full display in order to understand what we are dealing with. Where in hell did the Sierra Club find this useful idiot? He can't answer half of the questions without conferring with the guy sitting behind him. " He essentially accuses of Cruz of veering off course. I needed to make something fast, fun, and heartfelt- I began this little bear for some little lucky baby out there. I hope to finish him tonight, but now I'm off to make dinner for my lucky little boy. Feels good to be working and have life begin to feel a little more normal again. phew- it's been a rough month. I'm happy to be able to finally catch my breath. Good luck, darlings!xoxox,CC. Photo: Saffron & chickpea pilaf recipe Serve up a sumptuous side of rice. Cover and set aside. Add the chickpeas and stock, and bring to the boil. Save valuable time and money at the grocery store with these steps from Good Housekeeping. I absolutely adored these. Take out the sooji in a plate. Add grated coconut to the rava. Flavor the syrup with cardamom powder. .