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We'll see how things go, but here's some evidence of a southpaw. Way down, big trouble, dead! Graydon Carter, no talent, will be out! — Donald J. Graydon Carter will get a front-row seat, where he will do this, hour after hour after hour. to buy a fat pig? No, but I did find some fat-free chocolate bunnies!As many of you know, Kendall and I went to the Atlanta Home Accessories and Gift Show last weekend. This was Kendall's first foray into the wild world of the "buyer's market" and I believe she was duly impressed. While seemingly endless hours of shopping may appeal to many of you, I can assure you there is a price to be paid. My hips are just now recovering, as are Kendall's feet. the little bears and animals are getting ready for the update. Been making little things to take with me to Sew South in March. Can't. Hardly. Wait. -dana. So cool, as I don't consider clean-and-simple my strong suit, not by a long shot. I stamped a heart die-cut with the large circle background from WHOLE LOTTA DOTS using white ink, then stamped the "i like you" sentiment on top in black. I attached the card stock heart to a vellum heart and accented with a paper flower and some string. For that horizontal background strip on the sketch, I went with a few horizontal rows of messy machine stitching. Of course, Ted. It's abundantly clear what you wish on him you wish on those who voted for him because of the issues he pledged to advance.

Really Reasonable Ribbon is sponsoring a fun challenge over at the Delightful Challenges Blog this week which is the challenge blog for our friends at Digital Delights by Loobie Lou.

The challenge is open for the week and the theme is Pastels and Ribbon. You can swing by Cheryl's blog for more information on the cards below. Stop over at the Delightful Challenges Blog for some more fun sample projects or to enter your own project. . I should have noticed Dr. Doug Perednia's blog, Road to Hellth, sooner. See here. The following is a quote from Dr. Perednia advocating votes for DrRich. Unfortunately, the ACP blog won out. .