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She had suffered a stroke in mid November and is not recovering. Vicki will be moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility to attempt to recover her ability to move and speak. Without this progress she will be moved to long term care. Vicki and Rick have seven children, three married & nine grandchildren. All five of her sons were Altar Servers at Los Angeles area Latin Masses with Fr. steelcitybearings. Same day despatch on ALL stock items. By Kathy A. The Port boasts the only fresh water moorage that is neither impacted by tidal zones or corrosive agents. And the temperate climate doesn't hurt. Lyles, Sr. LINK Pot smoking girls gallery. Hi there! Happy release day! Today the four new Waltzingmouse Stamps sets we've been previewing for the past three days will be available for purchase. Claire's blog is the start of the waltz, so head back to her if you're just popping in, she has a list of all the Design Team members participating. Tosh will be your next stop. On we go!Today we are sharing samples using the final set being released, A Cottage Christmas. This set features a snowy, romantic version of the large cottage from A Cottage Home as well as some coordinating elements perfect for holiday gift-giving. I'm starting off today with some baked goodies. So I couldn't prevent the first death. I surely must be capable of saving them from a second death. " - Elie Wiesel It happened, therefore it can happen again: this is the core of what we have to say. It can happen, and it can happen everywhere. It is a day to remember that whenever we fail to recognize that we are all human beings we risk a repetition of this dark chapter of human history. Below is a video from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on the path that led to the genocide in Germany. If you stop by this blog very often, you will probably know that a few years ago some tatters got together and decided to challenge themselves to tatting a bunch of motifs in a set period of time. A challenge like this is somewhat interesting to the participants, but more fun if each person has a little show and tell of what the are working on. I can't help but think that I called you here- that my vibrations were that strong that the universe has now conspired to bring you here. Because Oprah, you and me go way back. Longer than you know. You see, I used to rush home in grade six to a cramped apartment to watch you every day. We were fortunate to have caught this growth in its early stages, and my wonderful surgeon was able to remove everything but microscopic traces of the growth. The mass, called a thymoma, is very rare. Thymomas are very slow growing, tend not to spread and respond very well to treatment, so the long-term prognosis is very good. If you are curious, you can learn more about thymomas at this link. I may need to miss some work during this time. We have a wonderful leadership team in MISD, and they have done an exemplary job running the district while I have been out for surgery. Well, two more lovely girl-cats will be joining Redford and Missy in the barn this Friday. Meet Mootie and Pip! Mootie Pip Yesterday I got a message from my lovely friend Deb over at Just Cats. A client of hers has to move from her home for health reasons, and give up her two cats. Poor Mootie languished at the shelter for five months before being adopted by her lovely current owner. Pip showed up of her own accord. But now their owner must move in with friends, and she cannot take the cats. Deb agreed to help her find them a home, and yesterday she asked if we would consider taking these two on as barn cats, as they currently spend most of their time outside anyway, and are magnificent mousers. After she was adopted, she ended up having ALL of her teeth pulled! And they realized she was quite a bit younger than initially thought. The pious torturer: Jay Bybee, with his family and then-AG John Ashcroft. Of those in the dock at the Nuremberg War Tribunal, Franz Schlegelberger was considered the most sympathetic, writes historian Doug Linder. Ottantunesima puntata. Oggi: Lipari. Giuramento agenti di P. S. : Castrogiovanni, Grella, Luca, D'Ambra e Di Pietro. She's figured out the laptop gets warm. I especially love when her nose hits the 'delete' key. Lots of happy shadows were cast by this wedding party as they posed in my favorite garden. And speaking of über-poufy. Just kidding—the bride was truly lovely in this dress. Though I'm in Paris with a digital camera now, I took this shot a long time ago with what I used to think of as a "real" camera. . Happy Birthday. To The Point: Bob Woodward became one of the richest and most prominent journalists in Washington by exposing the secrets of government and publishing classified documents in book after book. And while politicians often found him inconvenient, his fellow journalists simply envied him and tried harder to ferret out the hidden truths. Yet Woodward was never labeled a terrorist and hauled off for re-education.

Nest Egg: William M.

Debt Rattle: Portugal has rejected the demand from Germany and France that it leap into the embrace of the EU/IMF 'rescue' process, claiming it does not need assistance and is well on the way to getting its problems under control. Portugal's finance minister suggested that Germany's concern was not for Portugal, but for itself and it's own bankers. Long time readers might be wondering why I haven't taken on the 'Giant-Scarey-Puppet-Call-To-Apostasy' video now making the rounds in the blogosphere. The answer is that it is just too easy. I would feel too much like Simon in the opening rounds of American Idol. It would be too much like going to the range and shooting at targets from one yard. Observation: Jonah walked through the city of Ninevah for a day declaring that in forty days God was going to overthrow this mighty city because of their evil deeds. The anointing of God was so strong on Jonah that the entire city repented of their ways. The king proclaimed a fast that included every person and animal. All were to call on the name of the Lord. When they repented like this, God also relented from the destruction He had planned for them. There are several times in scripture where God declared destruction on a people, but it was averted because of something. Application: Many think they have gone too far for God to restore them and have mercy on them. Many feel like America has strayed too far away from God to be restored, but God is rich in mercy abounding in love. Izithakazelo zakwa-Cindi Mahlaba, Mashinini!. Please bear with me as I figure out how to photograph my work. I'm new to this sort of stuff. If anyone has tips, please let me know!Now onto business. My first ever challenge is a two-fer.

When I was up in Round Top this past weekend I found this little Angel Vine.

I had one of these soft feathery vines once before and they charm me. I put it on the shelf above the potting sink.

I need to find a cute pot for it.

But the big exciting news here on the porch is this latest development …. Our Gardenia bush has quite a few buds and yesterday afternoon one of them started to open up! Here it is. We are so excited!!! The fragrance is delightful. Here is another pic. Fresh and latest walls images of a large barren and dry region called desert. Nice collection of desert of dubai and sahara. California seventeen palm desert images. photo via I love watching cooking shows. and one of my favorites is Little Paris Kitchen with Rachel Khoo. She whips up the most amazing looking food in the tinest kitchen in France. or at least that's what I think. g. not Pope Francis the First Okay, I guess this means I'll have to quit referring to my St. Francis statue as "Frank. ". Darlings, here are the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with! Erin Wasson cross chain earrings, at wassonfine. Dannijo Christy earrings, at dannijo. Martin Katz Rain diamond chandelier earrings, at martinkatz. Enjoy Moroccan food recipes and learn how to make Rose Water Rice Pudding with Basbosa. - Add the yogurt and mix it well till you get soft dough. - You can add chopped coconut to the dough. - Mix ground cinnamon with small amount of the dough and set aside for filling.

- Brush an individual oven-proof mould with tihini.

- Place dough in half the mould size then put small amount of the filling followed with another amount of the dough till its surface. - Place the syrup on the hot Basbosa. For Rose Water rice pudding - Bring the milk to the boil with rose water, sugar, add condensed milk. This is some of the best soup I have ever made. water. Let it simmer while you make the soup. Remove from the pan and set aside. Dice a block of firm tofu into small cubes. Dice some fresh basil and cilantro. After a couple minute of cooking the paste. can of coconut milk. Howdy All,We've been wanting to bring Burger Love to Battery Park City for quite some time now, but always viewed it as The Land of Oz. It's rare that the words City Official and Visionary find themselves in the same sentence, but last week, after workign with the BPCA for a couple of weeks, we got a huge glimpse of what can happen when people of vision are allowed to act. We are very excited to announce that starting today, every Monday, we will be located on Murray Street between West Street & North End Avenue, next to the Goldman Sachs building.

We know we have a lot of Burger Lovers in the Goldman, WFC, BoNY & Stuyvesant HS buildings and are very glad that we will now be able to service all of them from a much more convenient location.

The purpose of Date Night is the time to RECONNECT and REDISCOVER each other and leave the demands of the daily schedule behind. You've probably heard this from me before, but it is impossible stay connected throughout an entire marriage without working for it. A marriage consists of the cycle of connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting again. The disconnection is inevitable. e. While all of these things can contribute to amazing date nights, they are not necessary to having some of the best dates of your life. You will find that the best date nights don't rely on what you DO on them, as much as what you FEEL from them. We need to feel CONNECTED to each other.

And when we feel connected we feel happier and more secure in our relationship.

Touching. Let me start by saying that it is not a true date night without touching each other. JL. DR. Evidence Based Science: Gardasil Vaccine, Medical deception. We are talking about getting votes to favor one group or another by promising something, such promise usually to involve voting. Some have contrasted TP with another concept with the same initials , "transformational politics" which means the situation in which one acts to further the general good even if they may have to make some sacrifices themselves. In general, progressives typically believe, or claim at least,that they act in the public good so they are frequently transforming or trying to at least. The government buildings being the next victory, are in short distance. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. Thank you for your wonderful posts today! Absolutely thrilling news! And yes, I guess this really does need to really move into the next phase at some point. .