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It's directed by Kevin Margo. Grounded is a metaphorical account of the experience, inviting unique interpretation and reflection by the viewer. Themes of aging, inheritance, paternal approval, cyclic trajectories, and behaviors passed on through generations are explored against an ethereal backdrop. I watched it more than once and will watch it again. It's like a loop that's hard to leave. Film Threat describes it asa brilliant sci-fi experience, with more than a hint of mindbending ambiguity. HT: SF Signal. Photos by I.


In their records left on the rocks by Native Americans of their deeds and situations, we can look for clues to the environment that these feats were performed in. In this way a figure seen in relation to a group of tipis would represent a specific person involved in some activity next to that tipi village. Horseman in lower left, Anubis Cave, Cimarron County, OK. According to police, a pilot and his wife died of an apparent fentanyl overdose in their Centerville home. Their children found them when they were getting ready for school. It's been reported the couple died from a, "heroin-fentanyl related death. Brian Halye was a pilot for Spirit Airlines, which operates out of the Cleveland-Akron Area, but does not operate at CVG. No really, this one is a doozie. Cutie Suzanne Dahlberg over at The Card Yard is having a blog hop today for April Fool's Day encouraging everyone to share their ugliest card ever. I have a few others during that time frame that are nothing but awful. I got a big laugh out of looking at them. Good morning Augusta. Breezy. possible. Tonight it will be overcast with rain. Fog overnight. None of them are TV or movie stars, so their experiences didn't hit the media. The virulence with which these gene express is modified by many environmental factors science does not yet understand. Many doctors still believe, incorrectly, that a person cannot develop MODY unless one parent has been diagnosed with diabetes. But even though neither of Ms. According to the RQHR, lab reports between late January and late March erroneously deemed Clindamycin would effectively treat the patients' infections when those bugs were actually resistant to the drug. Citing patient confidentiality, the health region would not elaborate on the man's condition. Dr. Last year in California, several recent bills tackled immigration issues related to workers rights, criminal justice, and access to drivers’ licenses. At the local level, county officials have reformed county policies to better protect immigrants and keep families together. Advocates for immigrants in California have achieved some significant victories that may signal a direction that other states could follow. But what are the implications for immigration federalism, and what is next for California and other states?This is a brown bag event so please be sure to bring your lunch.

By:The Bay Area Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus Alliance for Justice Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

We received some snow yesterday and had a snow day from school, unfortunately we couldn't go out and enjoy it, as it was sleeting and all iced over! But we enjoyed a nice relaxing day anyhow together.

The kiddos are back to school today. The green velvet ribbon is from Timeless Trims. If you need vintage trim, check there! They have excellent customer service as well!This one was done for Inspire Me Card Kits. I try not to say huh ALL the time. I cannot hear my husband if he turns his face away from me and talks softly…. you know like sweet nothings well that is what I hear. nothing. I have had one good ear and one bad ear for quite some time. I chalked it all up to the ageing process. Earlier, Jonah Voss trailed his entire match before sticking his guy in the third period. You should make plans to be there!!! Both basketball teams lost tonight. Labels: bbe jaguars wrestling, belgrade-brooten-elrosa wrestling. First, I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my Saturday question. I had so much fun that I'm going to make it a weekly feature. I just loved hearing from my fabulous readers and learning a bit more about you. You may recall that we are playing musical rooms at our house. We're pulling the old switcheroo and turning our loft from the kids TV area to my office. By doing so, we had to move the TV downstairs to the living room. Before we get into my real post for today. YES, this is the Shabby Nest. just playing around with a bit of a new look. This is the stall and this is not the first time that i have patron the stall.

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These are the Transformers Alternators owned by Leon. We have Deadend, Prowl, Mirage and Rodimus. Hey! why is Bubblebee in the photographs!. All prisons have a smattering of prisoners who are the porn-merchants. These are the men who collect porn, swap it and lend it. They are a social and economic nexus. Porn is swapped and traded, it is a secondary medium of exchange both for other goods and for the staple of prison economics, "favours" to be called upon in future times. For most of my sentence, I was one of these pornographers. Books and magazines, and later DVD's, gravitated towards me. Some I bought or swapped, some were donated or found. Dh sent me some more photos of the house in Saudi and I was going through them and emailed him to say he had sent me the wrong photo, I wanted one of the downstairs cloakroom so I could match the pretty hand towels. he said he had sent it. I said no, it was of the master bedroom double sink unit, I needed the cloakroom. Good morning, guys. I added two new pictures of Turkish footballer, Arda Turan, to his page on the brieflines site. Enjoy!. Sigh, here we go again. An advert for an e-cigarette brand has been banned after the advertising watchdog ruled that claims including that it was "the healthier smoking alternative" could not be substantiated. Of course it can be substantiated. The ASA's ruling is facepalm stuff.

We noted that the advertisers had not provided any documentation from the MHRA in support of their claims.

We acknowledged the quote from ASH, but noted it was not supported by further documentation or substantiation showing the effects of electronic cigarettes or the Ten Motives products specifically. In the absence of supporting evidence which showed that the Ten Motives products featured in the ad were less harmful than smoking and did not have any negative effects on the user's health, we concluded that the claims "The healthier smoking alternative" and "you can still enjoy smoking without worrying about the effects on your health" were misleading. Eh? So because the MHRA haven't yet officially stated the bleeding obvious, and because quotes about e-cigs in general - which all work in precisely the same way through a very simple process - are not exclusively about Ten Motives products, it means Ten Motives can't state the bleeding obvious themselves? Good grief. Hi! My parents were in town and just left yesterday, and took a little break from blogging. But today I am back with RAQ'S - Recently Asked Questions instead of Frequently Asked Questions. linen is great but loses it's shape easily. Just curious, what tables did you order for this room? I am looking for round tables for my family room too. This candle, made of beeswax, was sent to me over the ocean by the lovely Niki at rural writings. Hi Niki!We have a public holiday here next Monday so yesterday I brought home my work laptop and the new standards manual and I'm not going back to work till next Wednesday. I feel like I'm on a tiny holiday. But today I'll get reacquainted with my home. I haven't seen the chooks since last week, nor been into the garden, so that will be my first priority this morning. There are also clothes to be washed, bread to be baked and the bed linen needs changing. This lucky winner will receive an autographed set of C. S. Great to see that our scumbag Mayor has at least inspired a new product. Apparently it has been extensively Council tested in as many real life situations as possible. Fantastic for chairs, tables and reports as well as Mayoral limousines. Guaranteed to clean up any mess in less than two minutes. Also available in Bright Red. I was supposed to go to Palm Springs & booze it up around the pool but the woman decided to stay home and work. I spent two days finishing up this taillight/mount/lens deal and cleaning up the sub frame on this BMW. Since I'm kind of bummed on not having a camper special of my own I thought being able to strap some crap on the back would be nice so I went ahead and made some chingas and poorly weld them up or on I guess. I'm pretty hell bent on finally getting this thing out of the my garage & into Paul's where it belongs. Those considering should jump in with two feet. Sick deals they're throwing out over at the Soma factory. Get on it!. We have so many talented vendors here at South End Antique Mall! This new space is a great example of creative shopping and staging! This space features “Pink” all the way through. This room is chock full of beautiful pieces that have classic design and were specially selected for the pink theme of the room. Nothing like a good crisis to get stuff done. Scot M. The oral, direct thrombin inhibitor, ximilagatran for a while seemed to be poised to be the replacement for warfarin. .