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The Younger Son and I have talked about this for some time -he brought it up, and I don't mind discussing topics some might consider morbid- and we have decided we want to donate our bodies to the University of Tennessee Forensic Anthropology Center. Besides avoiding the continually sky-rocketing cost of funerals, this provides a service and keeps our bodies from being stuck in an air-tight box in a vault. Not much "ashes to ashes and dust to dust" involved in current funeral practices around here. One of the F. A. Q. Photo by I.


Not much information was posted about this video. It was posted on the youtube channel Appalachian Bigfoot Research, and says it was shot on a ridge above a creek. Take a look at it and see what you think. ETA: Yesterday's post has been updated with a few more details from Marc MalkinSneak peek of the new trailer. Batty Tatter made her first bookworm and she wanted it to have some motion, but she thinks that part could go better and she's wondering if she should cut the picots to make him look hairier. Ginny entered several pieces in the New York State Fair and won ribbons for them, but she is especially proud of the Purple Rosette Ribbon she received for her Spring Doily that took Best in the Lace Division. Fox finished Kurbatskaya’s Doily which she never would have started unless challenged by umintsuru, but in the tatting of it she realized that is has stretched her abilities. She got fed up with the crosses twisting around and started tweaking the pattern. The central ring kept it more stable, but she isn't sure she likes the look of it. Marie shows the whole Egyptian collection of pin, pendant, earrings and bracelet. This CLE provides strategies that improves your Prior Art Search making sure you get the relevant results the first time. This course has helped attendees manage their patent prosecution matters and searches more effectively and efficiently. Credit:AR, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, ME, MO, MS, MT, NM, NC, ND, NV, OH, OK, SC, TX, VA, VT, WA, WY. ".


Last night we had our usual monthly cousins get together. Geraldine drove. We went to a cousins house who lives about an hour away. There were five of us total. My Saturday afternoon "mood lifters". Sometimes, that is just what one needs. The little happenings of life that are out of the ordinary. The crazy little moments when you set your age aside. or when you take time to observe the miracles that have touched your life. It is sometimes called a logic chip. Illustrator: Carolina Buzio, Berlin, Germany. m. m. m. I understand there will be three different projects for you to make. Above is this adorable thread catcher that you can make. I feel bad about not posting because I have several shut-in quilters who tell me they look forward to my posts. But I’ve been a bit under the weather myself and just haven’t felt like doing much of anything. I’m feeling much better today and finished up this project that I had started last week. The pattern is from the book Applique With Attitude from Piece O’ Cake Designs. This is just one of four wallhangings in the book. I hope to make them all, they are so darn cute. In the book, I noticed how one of the blocks was quilted and decided to try it. I think I like it, how about you? It certainly was easy. You can get the book at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. That’s right! I’m ecstatic to be a momma to be! I’m still getting used to the idea and I honestly still can’t believe it at times, but more than anything I’m excited and thrilled to be blessed with this little peanut. It’s funny how life timing can turn out sometimes. What’s your guess on boy or girl? . Another random casual pic!We had a picnic at work and got to leave early which was fabulous. We were told that we could wear short, sandals, tennis shoes, etc. City shorts were perfect for the occasion!. Rose Pattern Blazer: Michael Kors. Blue/Purple Ruffle Top: New York & Co. Gray Pinstripe Pencil Skirt: Style Y. BTW, when these photos were taken, it was almost timefor the harvest. Love it when these happy harbingers of springpop up all over, and especially theseminiature daffodils that are at least half thesize of the others. These have actually bloomed andare now gone, but we have lots more to look forward to in the next few weeks.

Interview with Lakshmi Menon during this Marie Claire Italia shoot can be seen here.

una ovejita para regalar. The weather the past couple days has been so beautiful - warm but not too and not a drop of humidity. The leaves on the trees are pretty much fully leafed out but the color is still that bright and new green. It is all I can do to not be looking up all the time. I have been driving past some hay fields the past couple days. Pretty soon, a farmer will cut the grass and the blooms will be gone. But for now - they are a masterpiece of nature. Simply stunning. I took my camera out into the field to document the little bits that are making this beautiful scene. It is the green grass, the yellow buttercups and the magenta wildflowers which I do not know the name of. Hey guys. This is the best I can give you of Robin Soderling, trunks. See you here tomorrow!. Leave them for the poor and for the foreigner residing among you. I am the Lord your God. Observation: God told His people not to harvest the edges of their land or to go back after they harvest to get every single piece of produce. He told them to leave some behind to take care of the poor. God is always looking out for the poor and He asks us not to be stingy, but bless them freely. Application: In our lives, we shouldn't live so tight that we never share with those in need. God blesses us so that we can be a blessing. He wants us to share the blessings of our lives with those in need. What do you guys think of Spray Painting furniture? I've never done it before. Wait, I take that back. I have done it, but the furniture was wicker. I have two pieces I think I will spray paint.

One being my silver entry way piece:And another being an old vintage dresser for the guest room.

Our friends in S’pore drove us round in a mid-range Toyota SUV. When I innocently asked them what it cost they said that I didn’t want to know. Works out something like this. Clash at Clairemont is always a good time for a great cause. Clashatclairemont.

This video was played after all the dancers had entered dM.

Watch to the end, it is kind of funny. Plenty of room for improvement as always though. It is made from soya beans and involves a lengthy process that can take years: soya beans are cleaned and soaked, then steamed, mixed with a yeast culture and wheat flour before being fermented for up to two years and then filtered and bottled. Chinese Soy Sauce There are three types of Chinese soy sauces available. Light soy sauce is from the initial extraction and is light coloured with a delicate but salty flavour. Dark soy sauce has been left to mature longer and has had caramel added to it. It is sweeter and darker than the light variety with a knock-out aroma. Regular soy sauce is a mix of light and dark and a good everyday condiment. Japanese Soy Sauce Distinctly different from Chinese soy sauce so it is best to use specifically Japanese soy sauce when cooking Japanese dishes. I thought I would show some photos of the food at the event. It was a huge success and we didn't run out of food. People got to take some home with them. Here is the grisini with prosciutto. I wasn't there and these were taken with a phone so excuse the quality. These were the biggest hit of the night. go figure! These are just crackers spread with boursin cheese and pepper jelly. They are so very easy and so very good. The platter in the back is smoked salmon spread on crackers with fresh dill. Pasta cups. Crudite and dip. One of the meat platters. Cars as full of character as an antique bike, and surely as much trouble to keep in good running order!A bored ambulance crew is an excellent sign that riders kept matters under control. The Amilcar/Hispano-Suiza aero-engine mashup.

When this is all over and I am allowed to, I will write a short story of the mechanics of the attempts to stop us.

But we are late in winning, as that was to have been done and finished off last week, with funds in hand this week. We got a week more wait thanks to some last minute shenanigans. But it was done, the documents were signed and couriered off to the destination. .