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Some more new earrings for the babies. Oh, and also includes HQ textures. I had never seen it, not really caring for horror and having been truly horrified by the original. I saw that one in the theater when it was released, thinking it was a science fiction film. Silly me. Since that time I've developed a bit of an appreciation for the horror genre and have been watching ones I missed out on through the years. trailer: When the film was released, the NYT review describes it as "a flaming, flashing, crashing, crackling blow-'em-up show that keeps you popping from your seat despite your better instincts and the basically conventional scare tactics. " Empire Online calls it "the perfect sequel. The boy who stuck his finger / hand / arm or whatever in the dyke, and so saved Holland, would probably have felt at home in this part of England. It's flat and criss-crossed with ditches that drain the water from the land.

Mind you, I've never really got to grips with what goes on with this sort of water management, especially in Holland where so much of the country is below sea level.

In my experience, water flows downhill most of the time, so how can you drain land that is at the level of, or below, the sea? I guess you need pumps, and that presumably has something to do with windmills, but whoever thought of it in the first place? Genius! Perhaps you can let it run out at low tide, and stop the gap when the tide rises again, but that must need a lot of cooperation between interested parties and work-forces. It's interesting that one of our guide books says the ditches in this neck of the woods serve for both drainage and irrigation. Presumably, with the east of the country being drier than the west, there is a regular need to get the water out of the ditches and back onto the land. I suppose you just hope that it hasn't all drained away in the meantime. Anyway, clearly the Fossdyke and Witham Navigation has this dual purpose of transport and drainage. Near Torksey Lock the rather ugly concrete outflow point from a pumping station feeds the canal. The virus had never been recorded in Washington waters until it was found at the Bainbridge Island farm last month. The Bainbridge farm is owned by American Gold Seafoods, affiliated with Icicle Seafoods of Seattle. South of the border, Chile knows a thing or two about salmon farm diseases. S.

Hickorees Street style shots from The Hill-Side Co.

Emil and Sandy Corsillo of Hickorees Chris of Project Noah of Novh. us James of Secret Forts Shaun of Port Authority Ali of A Noble Savage Kirk of BillyKirk Paul of Urban Daddy Matt of The William Brown Project. Before then we can expect days of flapping by our trio. and we are looking for you to join us! And if you cannot, we are looking for you to "Spread The News" Last year’s festival was a great success for our first year. It was a tremendous success with the bands and audience alike. Together they are known as the International Bill of Human Rights. There have also been negative consequences for the United Nations Human Rights Council and international human rights standards as a result of the work of the Castro regime's diplomats working in Geneva, Switzerland over the years. " I would extend this to many other IT-dependent areas. Unfortunately, many IT personnel - and many so called physician directors of information systems - seem to be "appliance operators", a term hams use to describe people who can push buttons but lack a depth of understanding of what goes on "inside the box". " Breaker, breaker, big buddy!For IT personnel, studying and then securing a ham radio license and experimenting might give them the technical skills they need to be more fully in control of their systems, rather than the systems being in control of them. Implicit in these claims is the idea that to follow a moral code is a good thing. But this may betray a certain psychological naivete, for a growing research base is showing much of our moral thinking is automatic and nonconscious - mindless even. To take an example provided by psychologist Jonathan Haidt: most people register moral objection when told a story about a brother and sister who slept together, consensually, with no harm arising. Yet asked why they find it objectionable, such people can't explain their reasoning - a phenomenon that Haidt has dubbed moral dumbfounding. Now Fionnuala Murphy and colleagues have provided further evidence for the automaticity of moral processing. In most cases, your hunch is probably right. Pain in the shoulder usually indicates an injury or disease that affects a structure in your shoulder, such as, say, your subacromial bursa or a rotator cuff tendon. Makes sense, doesn't it?But you might be way off. Sometimes the brain gets confused, making you think that one part of the body hurts, when in fact another part of the body, far removed from the pain, is the real source of trouble. Strange, isn't it? Conditions as diverse as liver abscesses, gallstones, gastric ulcers, splenic rupture, pneumonia, and pericarditis can all cause shoulder pain. How is that possible?Neuroscientists still don't know precisely which anatomical connections are responsible for referred pain, but the prevailing explanation seems to work pretty well. The best known example is pain experienced during a heart attack. If you are positive,courageous,hardworking and get useful informations and links,success is yours. I am dedicating my time,to help people with vital informations on how to say bye bye to the life of poverty. As you visit this site,SUCCESS is yours. Do you want to be your own boss in the next one year?Then try these links: website builder. It was your normal Tuesday afternoon. I was finishing up my interview and began talking about various subjects on my KSCO/KOMY radio show, based in Santa Cruz and the Central Coast. He was silent. I asked if something was going on. Dave indicated that, yes, there was some "police activity" and "shooting taking place" in Santa Cruz. Needless to say I was shocked. Numb really. And a bit of history lesson: During four years living in Spain, I got to visit a lot of that country. The New York Journal of Books applauds D. P. Lyle's RUN TO GROUND, telling readers everywhere, "Don't miss this satisfying mystery written by a very talented writer. " The chilling tale of child abduction and murder takes the reader on a nonstop ride: "The book has several great twists, concluding amidst a series of surprising, thrilling events. " Be sure to grab your own copy of D. P. Lyle's RUN TO GROUND. Zahi Hawass, head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. These last few weeks have been so busy at work – mainly due to wrapping up year-end projects, but also as there have been a ton of holiday get-togethers. Another holiday look option, great for work or outside of work parties, below: Like what you see? Purchase here: Clutch, Ring, Shoes, Bracelet, Pants, Blouse.

Should I see this? I do feel like I should after blasting it on the Latarnia Forums sight unseen.

Hey, this is my blog and I can admit fault now and then. Perhaps I was unfair. Apparently, there's even a different version playing up in Canada. Has anyone seen this? There's so much rumor, hysteria and hype around what is quickly building as a disaster of epic proportions or at least an event in the history of theatrical exhibition. YouTube link. While most rockets are designed to burn up on atmosphere reentry, SpaceX rockets are being designed not only to withstand reentry, but also to return to the launch pad for a vertical landing. The Grasshopper VTVL vehicle represents a critical step towards this goal. Just like in the science-fiction movies. I'm very impressed. That's is spectacular for a new girl on her first season at the show. The blogpost on rape of women in detention has had interesting effects, mostly subterranean – as is the way with anything prison related. Information flows, in odd channels, carving its way through the cracks in the walls. The Ministry of Justice were extremely annoyed. Not at any revelation that women prisoners in their care were being raped, but by the accusation that they were indifferent to it. Good. I am but one voice in a chorus on this issue, and powerful allies play their part in their own corners of the criminal justice landscape. Now I call for information. As much information as possible relating to the sexual abuse of prisoners across the system. Prison staff are notoriously reticent and cliquish, but not a homogenous group. Hey guys. Eight new pics of Feliciano Lopez were added to his page in the brieflines archive. Enjoy!. Hey guys, updated the brflines site today with some new, hot pictures of Thomas Johansson. Thomas Johansson, or ToJo, is like a best friend. So, enjoy ToJos new pics and the warm feeling you get when you look at them. Cheers!. Via Ravengrim, we find that one of the world's newest democracies has gone all bonkers. It’s a new year. So if you cultivate or harvest, manufacture, supply or distribute tobacco and tobacco products, you’ll be jailed for at least three years and up to five years. If you possess tobacco, and if you can’t prove that you’ve imported it for your own consumption, you’ll be jailed for at least one year and up to three years, but only if you reveal from where you got your tobacco. If you don’t reveal your source, you’ll receive an additional sentence, jailing you for least three more years and up to five more years. This is Bhutan, and yes, it's a dot in the arse end of nowhere.

OK, I can sense you're none the wiser, so let's explain cartographically.

Time for our mid month challenge over at RRR. Time to get out those yummy pinks and reds and go to town creating a Valentine project. with ribbon of course! I made a couple of LOVE owls with varying uses. party picks, wands, but my fave thing is just to stick them in my vintage flower frog. Stay safe. Tiny Gallagher "Galla Shawn". coffee? tea? both? ebay? etsy? both? I always loved to pick things from catalogs and the pages of my mother's and grandmother's fashion and house magazines when I was growing up-Always! even Now. recent looks through etsy for teapots and a bit of ebay-though navigating through all the clutter there I saw- Edith. Her best friend as a child was a peacock. Could Virginia be there too? She loved china & porcelain.

That's something that made me happy to know.

And to know her friends saw her as a happy person. Things are not always what they seem to be-for better or worse-No? Surprised about Virginia's love of fine porcelain? Pretty things for a Pretty Virginia, something dainty I think. Sipping & Smoking at Monk's House- or gathered around Vanessa Bell's table at Charleston. Happy monday! doesn't this make you smile! came out my front door and there it was! bright and shiny and beeeutiful! Happy little thank you card for you to try. I used a few stamp sets on this one. We love our winter sports in Idaho. Sun Valley Serenade. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, building snowmen. Another of the jobs I did on the weekend was maintenance on the worm farm. On Friday afternoon, Hanno and Jens moved the old bathtub I have the worm farm in. I found it too difficult to easily get to the worms and the farm was suffering for lack of adequate care. Now the tub is sitting on a bench in the greenhouse, it has a piece of corrugated iron over it to prevent rain soaking the bed and drowning the worms. I have written about setting up a worm farm here. Once you've built the bedding up for your worms, all you need to provide them with is enough food to keep them alive and breeding. That is generally done with kitchen scraps, garden waste, old newspapers, old cotton or linen clothes. If anyone wondered where I am and why no blog post, the answer is that I am in Menorca, Santo Tomas again. So this is a quick message and a couple of pictures until I get back to the UK with new pictures. Santo Tomas is just a small, quiet place on the south coast of the unspoilt Balearic island of Menorca where it doesn’t take long to see a few exotic birds at the height of migration time in early May. The very first evening we saw the resident pair of Scops Owls again from our room balcony when both came into the hotel grounds on the lookout for ground beetles and moths to eat.

Scops Owl The next morning our first coffee in the Malibu bar overlooking the Mediterranean Sea gave unsurpassed views of Audouin’s Gull and binocular views of many shearwaters, both Cory’s and Yelkouan, skimming over then resting out on the water.

Whilst looking back to the hotel we could see the resident Hoopoe on the grass between the sunbeds and knew we were back. Raptors along here included Egyptian Vultures, Marsh Harrier, Booted Eagle, Kestrel and a Hobby in pursuit of the many Swifts still heading north to the UK.

I know this bike's been around but it's timeless & we're busy being unprepared for The Slab City Riot.

See ya'll on Monday. Love this! I will be out of this space for about a week. And shall return with a quilt giveaway pronto. Happy summer! -dana. Unfortunately, the mosquitos and blackflies have discovered the gathering place for tasty humans and descended on us as well. . Tibi Phoenician one shoulder dress, at Chickdowntown. These cuddly carpet slippers are interesting and easy to sew. Make them in cotton insoles to brighten up your little one's summer and in fleece to keep her warm and cozy during the winter months. You can use up any left over scrap you have. .