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When do you start your week?.

It does me good to have time away from screens. I know this and make sure I have a couple of days most weeks when I spend most of my time connecting with my natural world. Sure, I checked my blog and wandered around others for a little while, but both Saturday and Sunday I was quickly off into the work of the day, turning off the screen as I left. I know that for me too many screens - TV, monitors, any screens, prevent me from living the life I want for myself. I know I record my activities here but I could not do that unless I made sure that most of my time was spent connecting with real people, getting my hands dirty and doing, instead of just writing about, work. It's a constant challenge keeping the pantry and stockpile cupboards full and rotating.

I've been going through my cupboards this week to check to see what needs using, making sure nothing is off and it's all in good order.

One thing I noticed a few days ago is that we have too many cans of tomatoes that have been there too long - we've been using fresh tomatoes and left the canned ones to sit in the cupboard. I think I've posted the recipe before but it's always changing. I'm an intuitive cook rather than a slave to an idea so I use what's on hand and constantly change recipes. Yesterday I made this version of an old favourite. Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette. Slowly plugging away. I'm going to try and finish up the rear fender and seat pan this weekend so I can get the tin bits off to paint. build thread link: ChopCult. blogspot.


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