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From PacWest Bigfoot: I know it sounds crazy, but Bigfoot had everything to do with my friend who went missing on the Pacific Crest Trail, I know, I was there! There are stories of people who go missing in forests all the time, especially in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Here is my story of my friend Peter who is still missing today Dave. , and I am telling you, it was Bigfoot who took him. He moves through eleven houses, five different towns, nine cohabitations. Currently Pipo directs a concerts agency, he lives in Bologna, and he is fullfilling his photography research. If I look at myself in the mirror my reflection seems yellow, it is as if I have lived before and I returned back in time to gather the stories of the people living today, consoling them that they are still living as we lived yesterday. The same love, the same pain, the same thoughts…infinitely. Good Morning Augusta. This morning it is mostly cloudy, then overcast.

Tonight it will remain mostly cloudy with a chance of snow after midnight.

Suspect Description: Black Male.

The Christmas Ornaments are all set to go. Some have been delivered and some are being packaged to mail. I have two ready to mail to some lucky blog reader. I have a few extra…so maybe more than two will be sent! You can enter a chance to win one of the ornaments by sharing the name of your favorite Christmas Cookie/Candy. I have been invited to a Cookie Exchange. I have not exchanged cookies in years…it might be fun. I wonder what kind of cookie shall I make? My favorite cookie is a very old recipe a molasses cookie with raisins topped with a powdered sugar icing. from Ann and Rayfrom Betty Daviesfrom Carla and Brendonfrom Crafts U Love, Paula and teamCheck back for some more cards tomorrow!. Up next: Minneota in Willmar at Ridgewater College next Monday. Other teams included are Melrose Area and Glencoe-Silver Lake. In case anybody doubts it, David Oesting, the lead lawyer for thousands of fishermen and other plaintiffs in the Exxon Valdez case, appears to be working his butt off to get his clients paid. In this eight-page response, Oesting forcefully attempts to explain to the judge that processor Seafood Sales Inc. One other note: The principal behind Seafood Sales is Terry Bertoson. He's also the owner of Sea Hawk Seafoods, which likewise made a play for more cash but was shot down. Suzanne Marshall was the guest speaker at the West Michigan Quilt Guild last night. Marshall’s lecture included slides of her quilts, from her first attempts to her prize winning quilts. Another prize winner! Isn't he cute. Marshall said she often gets her ideas from old books, tapestries, lamp posts in Europe.

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Specifically, the word "hart" was used of a red deer stag more than five years old. In medieval hunting terms, a stag in its first year was called a "calf" or "calfe", in its second a "brocket", in its third a "spayed", "spade", or "spayard", in its fourth a "staggerd" or "staggard", and in its fifth a "stag", or a "great stag". To be a "hart" was its fully mature state. A lord would want to hunt not just any deer, but a mature stag in good condition, partly for the extra meat and fat it would carry, but also for prestige. A stag which was old enough to be hunted was called a "warrantable" stag. The hart was a "beast of venery" representing the most prestigious form of hunting, as distinct from lesser "beasts of the chase", and "beasts of warren", the last of which were considered virtually as being vermin. snnantn. Thanks for the middle class tax cut Barry!. HIGH QUALITY. AWESOME PV. TAKE TRIES TO LOOK COOL, BUT HE FAILS. As always, consult with an attorney at law for legal advice. The defense expert and fellow digital forensic examiner, Larry Daniel of Guardian Digital Forensics, stated that he did locate this evidence and it was brought to the defense team's attention prior to the trial. Regardless, of why investigators with the OCSO didn't find this digital evidence prior to the trial, the fact remains that our criminal justice system is an adversarial system. Generally, inculpatory evidence, such as these searches, is not required to be brought to the attention of the State by the Defense as the burden falls upon the State to prove its case, beyond a reasonable doubt. e. From Melvin. thank you. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++A woman was at work when she received a phone call that her small daughter was very sick with a fever. She left her work and stopped by the pharmacy to get some medication. She got back to her car and found that she had locked her keys in the car.

She didn't know what to do, so she called home and told the baby sitter what had happened.

The baby sitter told her that the fever was getting worse and said to the woman, "You might find a coat hanger and use that to open the door. We bought Wilton and Anne's house that year also, which was a great arrangement, as it's less than half a mile from the warehouse.

A few years before Paul took over the warehouse, his older brother, Steve, built a pellet mill on the same property, just across the driveway to the north.

A lot of the pellets went for cattle feed and also feed for other animals. Here's a shot of the businesses taken a few summers ago. Not the best shot but who thinks to take a "before" picture. Generally, the pellet mill is to the left and the warehouse to the right. Hi Ai Fans! It's Friday and that means I get to share another fabulous image from Art Impressions with you. Today's set is from the BFFs Line and is called "Cupcake BFF". What goes more perfectly with this stamp than a cupcake and a cute little cupcake box! I made the cupcake box with an electronic cutting file and my Silhouette. We want to see your BEAUTIFUL Unity art. to use a sentiment as your main focus and here are the DT's take on this challenge. Dawn Kirsi Soili Barbara And now the details. Here are the rules for this challenge.

for some reason, this color isn't one that i use a lot but every time i see a picture w/ it, i fall in love.

here is some inspiration of how wonderful coral looks mixed w/ color or as an accent. and to serve as a reminder to myself as a color that i would like to use in the near future. However, yesterday T. D.

So here's the deal: Phil is in deepest, darkest Eastern Europe this week, and I gave Dan the week off so I could post my conference notes here and link to the audio.

Ready?Ahem. Interview with Jennifer Powell at PlannerCon Karine got time to interview Jennifer Powell at PlannerCon. Find out her thoughts and ideas of the event and she expands some of the ideas that Karine talked about in her talk at the conference.

Personal is for printing direct on Personal size paper.

If you use iTunes please gives us your rating or reviews of the podcast. I scooted round a few of the regular birding spots this morning without breaking speed limits or obtaining any record counts. Once again the waders returned to the Pilling fields after snow and rain yesterday and overnight made for good feeding. A few Oystercatchers also took advantage of the newly softened fields. LapwingOystercatcherWith limited time I didn’t stop at Braides, just a passing leftwards stare as I drove past but certainly there was not a lot in the immediate fields.

At Conder pool a Dunnock in the “hide” window greeted me, demanding that I take a photograph, so I duly obliged not sure if I would see much afterwards from the said window.

"Hogan's Heroes" LPMy personal favorite Hogan's Heroes material, and just one of my favorite hardcore albums in general. Standout track would be the furious "Breaking Your Rules". For this song i used the version from the Hardcore Breakout USA CD for superior sound quality. Run, don't walk. ScrapbookLifeStyle. will my liver hold out? My liver is already on a leash.

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We have identified that audit log reports link not available for SharePoint Online OneDrive for business and mysite. The same link as in the screenshot is available for other SharePoint Online sites. This seems to be an issue since we can enable the audit logs but could not view the logs. Pattern. It began rainy season here. For about one month, it will rain a lot. I made three shirts for my Tomato. These two shirts are from my and my husband's old shirts. When we were preparing our moving, we found lots of old clothes but couldn't throw them away. So I reserved them for remake. However, Rawls concludes Chapter V of A Theory of Justice by considering two other alternatives to his argument for the two principles as the right ones to be adopted in the original position. In this posting I will look at these arguments in turn. ps. The smaller dealer-types assumed I'm a millionaire. "They love Indian motocycles in India - they'd buy them all if they could. "They don't want the market flooded with used cars, so weird collector stuff gets caught in the trap as well. It can be scary to send a hard-earned pile of cash abroad to a stranger, but I have to say, I've never been 'taken' in such a deal. The weekend was perfect. Friday off as an extra day at the car show, and a beautiful weekend. Then, there was Monday, wahhhhh. I take one extra day off and the world ends. I get in this morning to one of my machines broke down and some chowder head had a pry bar and two by four over there where he had been trying to "fix it". Sheesh. I am use to the nonsense when I am gone a week, but a day????? One disaster after another today, but, hopefully a three day weekend ahead. Not a good start for the week, but, hopefully it will improve a bit. Can you believe it didn't involve a big pry bar and a two by four? It is much easier to fix if they would learn to just leave it until I return. .