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Resident tech Andrew Maclean has some top tips and handy links for you to make your lyrics on screen.

REMEMBER You don't need to use bouncing balls or colour changes as long as the lyrics are on screen its cool. Here are basic tutorials on how to add text for Final Cut , iMovie and AfterEffects. However when doing it on FCP I prefer to layer two text tracks, two different colours. Then animate crop on the clip in the upper track and crop as the lyrics are sung. You need to keep audio scrubbing on to hear when to crop the upper text and reveal the higlighted colour. I have also been playing with the free TunePrompter program all morning and it seems simple enough … just follow the screen instructions… import tune copy and paste lyrics …sync by hitting space… make video then import that to whatever editing software you are using. However I would change to Quicktime in preferences to make it easier to overlay in your editing software. amazing circular design!via. SOLD. but to whom, nobody knows for sure but has the Southbay broadcast brokers abuzz with who, what, where and why. Many investors are desperately hanging on to the idea that the economy will spring back in the second half and validate the multiples in the market. See details below as seen on the newly relaunched website. This is how I turn a lemon into lemonade. Once I start a drawing, I must finish it. That is the rule I have given myself. I started to draw this woman. It seemed easy to do because she was sleeping for a few hours. Once I began, she got up and left the beach.

I was stuck with a half done sketch.

Back at the beach house, I found a frying pan and propped it up on some newspapers so I had the right angle. This is just another example of the miniature masterpieces Hobby Master is known for!. "Good Things Are Going To Happen," by Vermont-based illustrator Michael Mullan. By request. I'm not aiming for snark, here. What I'm gonna do is just a stream of consciousness of what I think of some of the 'great designers' are doing this season. You can all decide if it's funny, snarky, or educational. I can never guess ahead of time what's going to set all of you off. Anyone wanting to check in and tell me I have no fashion sense, I'm fat, I'm ugly, I'm unpopular, I don't get it, feel free. Remember I've got a hit logger and have seen it all before. Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel:Lagerfeld keeps producing collections based on men Chanel allegedly boffed. Mostly because I was afraid to touch the Tax Sweater, but also because with no projects, I was suddenly free to pick something new to start, and I hadn't planned on that until at least June. It was pleasant to spend a day or two going "I could knit Innsvinget. or do a fractal something. or some lace. It's always a good time for a shirtdress! By now it's probably known to you all how much we love a good shirtdress. Well, in this week's 'White Space' collection, we were very much inspired by the classic and versatile color of white. From this week's collection, we've got a stand out that we would like to introduce to all of you! The Juliet shirtdress is unlike our other shirtdresses, with unique lace embellishment on the hemline, that gives it a certain cool sensibility without trying too hard. I feel strongly that "awesome" is a very overused word. That said. Three friends and I recently shared this molten chocolate cake and scoop of salted caramel ice cream—and we all agreed that they were awesome!.

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