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Here are the side effects I posted about along with the date of the posting and the thread title in case you want to look up the old messages yourself.

All postings were made under the username "Jenny. " The posted text is in italics. Heart Failure:Posted on a. s. d. To illustrate, consider the official descriptions of the performance of former Pfizer CEOs Hank McKinnell and Jeffrey Kindler in the respective years in which they were forced out. These first sneak is made with the Main Card Kit only called Block Party. Loved the patterns in the papers!! The "thank you set" was made with the Main Card Kit only also - used one of the stamps to create some fun backgrounds.

Have a VERY Merry Christmas, everyone!!.

Is it really Thursday? Boy, this week has just been flying by. Usually we only read one or two depending on how long they are, but this week our book order from Amazon arrived. I still have so much to learn. I haven't played along in awhile, so last night I had a little extra time and no plans for project. I choose to pull the greens and pinks from the picture and go for it! It is a simple card that only took a few minutes. I live in the part of the country that was hit by a major snow storm on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Although a white Christmas is what everyone hopes for, not so much when you have family headed right into it.

Everyone was safe, some made it slowly and others had to stay home.

It was a great Christmas. Glad that the sun is out for a few days to melt it all away. So I am in the mood for a "sunny" card. Supplies from CTMH-Sunflower CS, Colonial White CS, Dutch blue CS, Pattern paper from Animal Cookie, Sunflower ink, Dutch blue ink, cranberry ribbon, white daisy marker, prisma glitter, foam tape, treasured stamp setThese are a few pictures from around my house. Vest: Antonio Melan. Ruffle Top: Express. Skirt: Worthington. I’m over the hump for the week, and I’m glad things are finally winding down. It’s been very stressful and busy lately in both my personal and professional life – so now more than ever I am looking forward to my weekends. The mayor has been up the road from the village in his tractor with his "snow plough" to clear it. La ermita as seen from our front porch this morning. We don’t observe him on Sunday, but I mention him because he recalls a time in the Church of Rome when martyrdom was not just something that happened, somewhere, sometime, but a day-to-day reality. He knew what he faced. I dwell on this because you and I are living in a time of martyrs. Hope you like them all and see you here tomorrow. Happy first day of March everyone! Hooray! I guess the title sounds like I am on an island. Why not celebrate?!! I set the island for two. Who would like to join me? I pulled out the fruit plates which have been in storage since last year. I bought the tulips almost a week ago. They are still hanging in there but I think I will replace them soon. Designed by Famous POP ARTIST THE SUPER SUCKLORD and Manufactured by outsourced Slave labor in California. Hello Ai Fans! Yes, Christmas is over, but we are sitting in the middle of a huge snow storm here, in Connecticut, and that's why, I think, I'm still creating with my Christmas stamps. And because a single layer card can look a little bit too simple sometimes, I decided to stitch around the image with silver thread. I also added lots of clear glitter to the snow and the star. I painted the image with watercolor. Happy Stamping! InLinkz. Here's the blurb:A long-exiled living god arises. A city begins to break apart at the seams. But hunting Miron down might be tougher than even these weary adventurers can handle as two unstoppable religious armies move towards all-out war, tensions rise within the capital's cultural melting pot, and demons begin to pour from the shadows. Dumbarse! Adolf has always disbelieved the global warming rhetoric. Mainly because all the temperature adjustments were upward and nowhere could one find any analysis of any benefits to mankind arising from a slight increase in temperatures generally. At long last it seems some scientists have regressed to actually assessing evidence before jumpg to convenient conclusions. And to think these warmist idiots continue to flock to talkfests all over the world to dream up new ways to flog their hoax onto the tax payers of the world. Tap. Tap. Tapity tap. Taptaptaptaptap. Oh no.

The dread sound of…rain! On Saturday morning! It wasn’t raining an hour earlier when I got up.

And Google weather PROMISED me on my very own Google homepage that it would be no more than cloudy this morning. Betrayed by Google! But I am brave, I am philosophical. G. I. F. Some make-up cock, fellow penis-lovers. I had to go out of town unexpectedly. Hello My Friends! Are you ready for Halloween? I can't wait to see all the cute Trick or Treaters! Here are some Halloween cards from Design Team member Anna Wight. Raining on and off. The tide is very high, breaking on the boat ramp, making it a bit harder to paddle out. There is a slight south wind. Partly cloudy skies out here as of this morning, but there is a chance of rain throughout the day. From the first planks of wood with metal roller skate wheels nailed to the bottom to the modern polyurethane wheels and kicktails, the boards have rocketed the skaters to greater heights of performance and style while taking “sidewalk surfing” from a homegrown activity to a worldwide cultural phenomenon. , Todd Huber/Skatelab Skatepark, Ray Flores, James Lang/South Bay Skates. ". Having never had a teenager before I can only say what I know to be true right here, right now.

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she said they oppose.

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For the first time, and perhaps the last, I actually picked up the phone and got some real quotes as opposed to just stealing them out of a newspaper.

Meanwhile, I looked up the extended weather forecast for Monmouth on Accuweather, and it's rather glorious. Much too early to get excited though. No secret though, and a flurry of rubles sent him off at even money. I picked up my first Summer CSA box yesterday and made this for John.

It's nice to find your calling late in life.