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I'm pretty damned lucky.

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Check out what happened:.

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Pictured above is what you do NOT want to do! I received this absolutely glue saturated opossum skull from someone I though would know better. Followup with a peroxide bath overnight. Then dry. In our neck of the woods, the children trick-or-treat on Saturday night, if Halloween falls on a Sunday. Things got off to a very rainy start last night, but the rain finally subsided and my family was on their way. Kind of sad, but I guess kids don't want to make the trek to our quiet little cul-de-sac. They gotta go where the big money is, I guess. I hope you had a more exciting Halloween than we did! I've been feeling a little under the weather so I didn't mind a quiet night at home with a little hand applique and some shows. I had some fun photographing a couple of White Tail Deer one evening. It was a beautiful sunset. These two males crossed the road in front of us and headed into the grain field.

I was pleased to get this shot of all four feet in the air.

We are very fortunate here in Minnesota to have an individual by the name of Larry Backlund who has a Loon nesting platform near his dock on a small lake in Minnesota. This is a project that is near and dear to Larry's big ole Loony heart. The Live Loon Cam is up and running, I have a link to it on my sidebar. on the left. Templates: DIP Quickpages: Alpha & Wordart: Kits & more:. Naaahhhhh, no self-respecting redneck would be involved in something like this. Special mark down on already sale fabrics. m. m. m. m. The bus will take you to four different shops. Lunch and dinner are included. ON ANOTHER NOTE: Seems Like A Plan has a tutorial for a Diamond and Pinwheel block. Ah so many lovely things in Chicago… Shoe Shopping at Lori’s.

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So long Chicago. I’ll be back again soon!. I am very excited this week as I prepare for my trip to England. And before I can pack, I still need to find the perfect walking sandals. There's so much to do!. It's short and, hopefully, sweet today folks because, sometimes, when you stop talking, writing, and thinking and start doing, you might just see something quite beautiful. I was doing something as mundane as pulling fabric out of a discharge bath when I noticed how amazing it looked doubled up so that the pattern from the other half seemed to form a ghost image and the light from outside filtered through the fabric. I'm not going to pretend that I have my camera ever-present to record these kinds of images, but it was certainly nearby and knew grabbing it and shooting a few frames was worth the effort. Hmmmm, yes, you can tell that these were the final two. All the worlds a stage. one of my fav Shakespeare quotes. Lotsa stuff going on over at one red paperclip this week. Why not swing on over to enjoy the fun new updates!Kyle. As you can gather from the lack of posts here in the past week, it is still incredibly busy at Puddlecote Inc as our contract mobilisation date looms ever closer. We currently have new vehicles all over the place and are ploughing through the training of the extra staff we have had to recruit. I did manage to catch up with some news this afternoon over my lunchtime sarnie, Twix and Lucozade though, and this article leapt out at me somewhat. The Government is being urged to hold a new consultation on alcohol consumption, after a study showed that most people believe that drinking in moderation is part of a healthy lifestyle. They are, of course, not fit for purpose at all. First of all, you need to know that edits are the literary equivalent of your least favorite chore. Maybe cleaning the oven or wiping cat barf off the floor. I have my faithful little cow paths that I tread, but if anything rustles in the bushes beside me I freak out. And Matt the faithful rescuer was leaving his place in Corvallis this morning for a new job in Washington, D. C. I'm self-publishing this one with the help of a graphic designer who works for the RG. I told him I'd have the proof-read manuscript to him by noon today. "Some say I have a beautiful voice, some say I have not. It is a matter of opinion. Thanks also to the wonderful group of ladies who help me on the forum, I couldn't do it without them. You'll find their blogs on my blogroll. I look forward to next year when we'll all move together towards a simpler life. We'll have two more kitchen sink posts and then I'll have a some time off. Next weekend Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday. I love how simple and elegant this Dasher image is. A little dressy- not to cute. LOVE HIM! He makes Christmas cards so easy! this one is WAY better in person!All Supplies are Stampin Up!Stamps: Dasher, Teeny Tiny wishesPaper: Christmas cocoa flocked paper, chocolate chip, kraft, whisper whiteInk: chocolate chip, real redAccessories: sponge, ribbon. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “You bring out the best in yourself by looking for the best in others.

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