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A group of legal professionals ranging from Richard Epstein to Lawrence Tribe have produced a summary of the arguments against the administration's position on both issues. In my view and theirs, the illegality of the actions is clear. The Constitution says nothing at all about wiretapping. Audio recording of Fr. Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials have released volume two of Chinook News, with updates on the agency’s work on the Chinook Salmon Research initiative. The publication can be found online at chinooknews. main. Hi there, friends! Today is Design Team Challenge day at Lizzie Anne. This month we were challenged to create a project with a summer vacation theme. Perfect timing that we had the new Summertime Celebration Mix Set to use!For the past few years, a dive trip to Cozumel has been one of our summer events, so I thought the sombrero and maracas would be perfect for my card. Here's the colorful card I came up with:I started by layering a rainbow of cardstock that I had punched with a scalloped edge.

I colored the sombrero and maracas images with Copic markers in coordinating colors.

Mexico is always so colorful! I think this would be great as a party invitation, too - for a Fiesta, of course!I'm so glad you stopped by today, please be sure head over to the Lizzie Anne Designs Blog to see what the other DT members created for the challenge.

Some sweet stuff from the Speed Boys blogspot. Round and round it goes, and when it will stop, nobody knows. At the time, I wondered whether this set of relationships with multiple health care corporations would lead to "health care reform" that was more about the interests of big health care corporations and their top executives than about us, the people. As it turned out, there is a case to be made that a lot of the health care reform legislation that eventually passed was in the interests of big corporations. As amply suggested by the many opinions offered by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s en banc decision in Alice v. S. C. The recent decision of the U. Please note: Some confusion may occur between the argumentative essay and the expository essay. Expository essays involve less research and are shorter in length. Expository essays are often used for in-class writing exercises or tests, such as the GED or GRE. Paige our youngest granddaughter is in the fifth grade. The fifth graders put on a live wax museum for their entire school and parents, grandparents. etc. she was going to portray Helen Keller. We discussed what she should wear, and how she should do her hair. Earlier today, the B-B-E boys' basketball team passed up Parkers Prairie in the voting for "Athlete of the Year" by KSAX News based in Alexandria. That year, they finished in third place at the Class A state tournament. I just learned an important update from KSAX. A final poll will be released after that, with the public being able to vote from that list for the eventual "Athlete of the Year" award.

Voting for the final tally will end on Friday this week.

Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa boys basketball, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars boys basketball. doubling as the roof terrace's railing, inhabitants have unobstructed panoramic views of the ocean over the established facade's extension. the structure'swhite metal cladding maintains its private existence amidst the bustling beachside town. via. I'm regularly asked what I've got in the works for another book. I've given bit of a fling at fiction and find I can't pile the fantastic on fast enough to make it believable. I used to think I was pretty good at spinning whole cloth out of nuance and shadowy misperceptions until a few months ago my wife told me I'd never gotten away with a thing. Sort of bursts my J. K. Rowling/Stephen King dreams there. So I guess I'm stuck with memoirs and I'm not sure I've dredged the bottom of the bowl of aeronautical escapades yet. I went rummaging around the old memorabilia from pilot training days and dredged up this from flight school: Yep, old Flasheart knew how to inspire a class. Here is the judge's overall finding in the Steller sea lion case:As discussed in detail below, although the Court sympathizes with the Plaintiffs and Amici Curiae, who stand to suffer large economic and other losses as a result of the fishery restrictions, "judges are not scientists. " The Court must defer to the technical expertise of the agency as long as there is a rational connection between the evidence and its conclusions. In this case, the Court finds that NMFS did not apply improper ESA standards and that the evidence, although equivocal, was sufficient to support its conclusions that the fisheries were likely to jeopardize the continued existence of the WDPS and adversely modify its critical habitat. The Court does find, however, that NMFS violated NEPA by failing to prepare an environmental impact statement and provide the public with a sufficient opportunity to weigh in on its decision-making process. Here's a mini-glossary for all those acronyms:APA — Administrative Procedure ActESA — Endangered Species ActMSA — Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management ActNEPA — National Environmental Policy ActNMFS — National Marine Fisheries ServiceWDPS — Western Distinct Population Segment of Steller sea lions. Also present Redshank and Kingfisher. Corrall & R. Untitled by Sarah Ryhanen. Today I am celebrating my official twenty-eighth birthday, but I wanted to at least get one post in today. Also, I wanted to say a "thank you" for all the birthday wishes- you people are the best. , Abby Powell, THUSSFARRELL, Shona Heath, THUSSFARRELL, Cheri Messerli, Frieda Maria, and Nikole Herriott. I am not usually one to promote chain store shopping, but we are down to five days before Christmas Eve and sometimes last-minute shopping just has to be done. Cathy attended the Farm Girls BOM this week at the Attic Window Quilt Shop and took some pictures to share with us. Above Linda Larson shows us this quilt that she made. made this stunning quilt! Pauline took four different panels and made them into a queen size quilt. Quilters are so clever! A special thank you to Cathy M. for taking the pictures for us. NOTICE: Another date/time has been added for the Quilt Block Cookbook BOM. We have added an evening session for this new group. We always suspected the streets weren't really paved with gold. Snow Job: The annual scare-the-seniors parade is passing by, threatening armageddon and/or the poorhouse. Our doggie Zippo woke us up from a sound sleep last night having what we think was a seizure. Very Scary! Anyhow, when we checked in on the girls they were sound asleep cuddled up together. We thought it was so sweet we had to take pictures. They really love snuggling with each other, and with us. The home care nurse came again today and weighed them. Just two ounces different, the same as when they were born. Oh, and Zippo is fine and back to his normal self today. We don't know what happened. Dr. Priscilla Coleman, a research psychologist at Bowling Green State University, also found that adolescents who had abortions were also over three times more likely to report subsequent trouble sleeping, and nine times more likely to report subsequent marijuana use. a mars, nu går det mot vår. Men fortfarande finns det mycket snö kvar, jag försöker trösta mig med att det lika väl sällan börjar bli grönt innan mitten av maj, så då är det väl kanske bättre med snön än så länge. Men om en månad, då vill jag i varje fall se att snön har minskat, helst försvunnit, för då börjar våren på riktigt. Så här ser det ut i trädgården just nu! - veckans tema hos Pilgrim. Some of the boys got together, pooled their resources and ingenuity and decided to move into the cannabis growing business. This is a very rare event as hiding dope plants is nigh on impossible in prison. Nevertheless, these budding Bransons thought they could earn a fortune. Seeds were acquired. Plant pots and a growing medium were snaffled from the far reaches of the prison. A long term hiding place was created. All of this took massive efforts and not a little money. The Main Man laid out the seeds on damp cloths to begin the germination, then toddled off to work. I love tunic style tops so when I found a plain tunic inspired t-shirt at Target, I knew that it would be perfect to alter. I picked out a two different shades of green lace. I sewed two pieces of dark green lace together. Then I used a piece of lighter green lace and turned it into a ruffleand sewed it- down the middle- to the top of the dark green lace. Next I used a a piece of silk ribbon that I folded upand sewed it to the top of the lace. I was there to help and learn alongside my goat mentors. I had only planned on being there a few hours but like all things in farming, another plan trumped my one.

One big mama named Opal was in the middle of labor with triplets when I arrived and I stuck around all afternoon and into the night waiting on her third to join us in the world.

It was edge-of-the-seat exciting since all the kids were presented wrong. The experienced farmer present needed to turn the kids around inside the doe while the rest of us were getting ready with electrolytes in buckets, clean bedding, notes, and the barn full of kids running around with the human children. Every birth is different and seeing how the farmer turned the kids inside the mother and carefully pulled them correct was the kind of thing you can't learn in books. It's certainly Dairy Season now around these parts and your parts, too. So if you are thinking about goats see if you can tag along for a birth or two.


thinking of PINK thanks to fellow blogger, Mrs. from textile designer LULU's Trail of Inspiration a cushion honoring her mother. I adore her blog-its personal, original & full of inspiration. if you have ever had a call to return to have additional views done after an initial MAMMOGRAM screening, you must know the things that run through your head. thinking. .


How bad was Mr. Brooks' column today?. So bad that other people actually noticed. For example, The New Republic was confused by how goofily off Mr. Brooks is today.

Mr, Brooks believes that this is a bad thing, because the Neocon mind believes the United States can only exist in one of two states: constant, glorious military expansion.

Others disagree. all things should be this simple. AHA is too pure to allow itself to be stained by contact with crisis pregnancy centers: It is not our goal to establish “make-a-better-choice” pregnancy help centers that attempt to stem the tide of child sacrifice on demand, while tacitly accepting the continued practice as an unfortunate but permanent societal fixture. While we are dissidents in this culture of death, our primary aim is not to shut down grimy abortion mills through protest and while we actively seek to rescue children being carried into these mills by the thousands we do not consider “clinic ministry” to be the front lines of the battle against the evil of our age. . I read and appreciate each one!There have been some questions lately, too, which is great. If you include a way for me to reach you, I will respond directly through email. If I have no way to respond to you directly, then I go back to my original blog entry and update the post to answer the question. Now, on the flip side, sometimes I ask questions here in my posts, so I want to thank each of you who has provided information I'm looking for. Experiments are on in full swing to decide on what should be the flavor of the cake for the Birthday boy, ok not a boy, the very eligible bachelor I must say. It is such a difficult task to find a girl for a boy who has not fallen in love nor been able to choose a girl on his own. I just pray he should find a girl as soon as possible and setttle down. Marriage is so important. I had to buy this. This is from the woman's booth that makes these with reproductions of her original oils. I want this house. Perfect!It's a fake book but I love the crow. My new favorite Kleenex box.

Another sign.