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Why are these people, good people, God loving people going through this? As Chad and the girls left for Karate I decided that I was going to just sit with the Lord.

Make a big SPLASH!!!!. It can be suggested that this play is a symbolic farewell of Shakespeare's to the theatre, and the themes of the play do support this idea. The play is not one of Shakespeare's most famous, but it is still extremely respected and revered within literature and the theatre. The title of the play The Tempest can be interpreted in two ways: firstly, in a literal sense, as a play about a group of people who are shipwrecked by a storm, and secondly, symbolically, as a representation of the emotional and psychological turmoil that almost all the characters suffer. It is argued that this event inspired Shakespeare to create a similar tale of 'loss and rediscovery, of the benevolence of nature, and of mutinies against an island's leader'. So, I missed the Civil War. I never got to share a cigarette with Picasso and I never got to live in a world that was only as large as your horse could run in a day. I never got to sit in a dark corner of the Algonquin, eavesdropping on quips at the Round Table, and I have no idea what it’s like to be the first person with a television on my block. I never got to pull Tolkien aside and ask him about the Voluspa, and I never got to smash a mountain with Kerouac and a bottle of cheap port. I’m sure the Renaissance was wild ride of open eyes and fat asses, but I missed that, too. I never got to feel what it’s like to be one of the first people to travel cross-country on a steam engine and I’ll never know the feeling of that first take off across the Atlantic. Hell, I even missed the day Kurt Vonnegut came to visit my High School. I’ve missed mostly everything exciting or artistic that has ever happened to the human race. My timing, frankly, is shit. yet more proof that Bill Blass was a fashion original. fitting, No?"I remember one of the first times I went to Paris as a young man- to see the shows for Maurice Rentner. here were all those slightly fussy European ladiesin their frills and furbelows,in strolled Gloria Vanderbilt and C. Z. Guest in flannel trousers and cashmere turtlenecks. they were a breath of fresh air. image from Bill Blass An American Designer. Before you lose track of all the blogs you follow, consider joining Bloglovin. I am so glad I did this in time.

Made this for my Founders circle swap card.

A delayed flight, a missed connection and a bonus overbite stay. The fog is crumbling. It is here, but not as bad as days previous. Slight texture from light variable winds, semi-glass, and a dwindling wind swell. Grab a handplane or surf mat and fins and make a go of it in the shorebreak with the high tide this afternoon. Channel: Super drained low tide this morning. Waves. One of the exhilarating things about Christian metaphysics is how it opens up vistas of possibility that atheism can only dream of.

Literally, that atheism can only dream of.

For instance, how many readers of Perelandra have yearned to actually visit Perelandra and experience firsthand the exotic world of sensory enhanced sights, sounds, taste, touch, and fragrance.

Lewis's intense, visionary descriptions whet the appetite to go there. His novel is a tantalizing appetizer of an imaginary world that's too good to be true. Or is it? But if the Christian God exists, then there are senses in which it would be possible to visit Perelandra. Lewis's Perelandra existed in God's mind before it ever existed in Lewis's mind. Kim brought this flannel, very cute baby panel for me to quilt. I just did a meander on all but the birds and I stitched close to them and close to the feather and eye. A very sweet, soft baby quilt!. Hope you have a lovely and relaxing Sunday!xoxox,CC. He meets me at the Khandoba temple at Colaba. I take him into the temple to partake in the Pooja. He is curious to know the unusual deity and the history of the temple. Then we cook together a breakfast of Sukka Kolim Vanga ani Ool and serve it with Goad ghari. These are my Christmas cards for March. I printed out the grove of trees in sepia tones and then used distress ink to colour the background in what I intended to be a sunrise. Some stickles added to the branches gave an icy look to the picture, then I simply stamped some Christmassy sentiments and popped them alongside the image. If you aren't already a ribbon club member, why not join us today! You will get a fun new ribbon assortment shipped automatically each month. Now let's get hopping and see what our fabulous design team has created this month! Here is our blog hop list. If you get lost along the way, hop on back here and we'll get you back on track. Hello everyone. Today I wanted to share my Paper Bag Photo Album that I designed for Really Reasonable Ribbon using the Beautiful Ribbons & Paper Bags from Really Reasonable Ribbon. I love the ribbons from Really Reasonable Ribbon, and I chose to use the Pink Satin and White Double Ruffled Edge satin today. I also used the LOVELY Paper Bags from Really Reasonable Ribbon. I LOVE these too and they are perfect for making a Paper Bag Album. I added some bows and flowers, and stems to the front.

It was at this point that I created the monthly Principal's Report that can be viewed on the main page of our website.

Then social media came into my life. As I learned about other social media tools I began to diversify the types of information shared and how it was disseminated. .