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I heart two and a half inch scrappy squares. I use them in alot of projects. I would show you something else that I made last month using them. I made some cup cozie's for gifts for a few of my friends. From the youtube channel of Jonathan Odom: Alabama Bigfoot Back to the Cemetery, Lots of Knocks and a Nice Footprint This adventure I went back to the cemetery and still didn't find it. I came from the south this time and did not see my little friend from last time. Whew!! Thank goodness. This time was still very interesting.


I also saw in the news that you've visited Cuba twice over the past week and met with Mariela Castro, dictator Raul Castro's daughter, while you were there. Cuban human rights defenders need your help and with your access to the upper echelons of power in the Castro regime perhaps you are in a position to save the life of a human rights defender, and free an imprisoned artist. This dictatorship has had a track record of responding to requests by high profile visitors that in the past has resulted in the freeing of political prisoners and human rights defenders who are deathly ill. The human rights situation in Cuba is deteriorating. The level of violence against human rights defenders has escalated in recent years on the island, along with the extrajudicial killings of national human rights figures. The triangle is quite a tricky tat and she thinks she probably hasn't done it justice, but it would be useful if you needed a triangle. Sharon has been distracted by lots of lovely patterns and she finally settled on the Dianne Doily which can be found at Craftree. Meme participated in the exchange hosted by Mary Donohue and these are the amulet bags she received. The first one was from Carolyn and used a ring and chain design with beads. The second was from Lai Ellen and it looks like Diana Stevens' Set Stitch Necklace Bag pattern. These exchanges are just one more way that all of us tatters world wide are joined together. Bhavani joined an arched chain along the edge of a hanky for a beautiful but simple edging. The pattern for making this edging is shown on her blog. Wendy has posted a daily listing of handmade gifts for the holidays with links. some amazing timeless pictures from Atelier Chatokhinecheck the websiteVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visorVan bubble visor. Now the predominantly African-American university faces what students and administrators view as a new threat: Gov. Bobby Jindal's proposal to consolidate the school with the nearby, mostly white University of New Orleans. "It will be the death of SUNO," student government vice president Ellis Brent Jr.

"Every time the economy tanks, and certainly, right now, these are dire economic times, understandably governments and legislatures look for ways of cutting costs while maintaining and increasing a level of educational excellence," said Lezli Baskerville, president of the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education.

While I'm awaiting my next Papertrey Ink box, full of new Christmas stamps and dies for the September release, I thought I would get you in the mood for the holidays a bit early! I have a new post up over at the Scrapbook Expo blog on "nestling your die cuts". Pop over to the blog to see another beautiful sample I found online that demonstrates this technique as well! Have a good day, and I will see you back here shortly! Danielle. I spent the better part of the weekend cooking. I made baked beans on Saturday and on Sunday we made Jen’s Tortilla Soup for Far Guy. I use Great Northern and Pinto Beans for the baked beans. I soak them overnight. The next day I boil them at least twice changing the water with each new boil. I fry up bacon ends and a yellow onion finely chopped. I mix up a slurry of brown sugar, catsup, mustard, dark molasses and water. I add the bacon and the slurry to the beans and bake them for a couple of hours. After they are cooled down I bag them in serving sizes for meals. Perfect to take out and warm in the microwave. Yup that's me! I don't know where this blog will go but once I figure out how to work the edit tools I'll start posting a few images from time to time of my travels around the area. I wish I could cancel winter. Over half of this cold, dreary month is over. January is one of my least favorite months, it runs a close second to December the other month I am not so thrilled with. What is not to like about a month that is almost over before it starts. and then March my fourth least favorite month. We went out and about to see what other signs of spring we could find. For years and years I kept track of the ice out dates. One year it was May. That is our oldest daughters birthday, so that was easy for me to remember as an average date. The pussy willows are busting out at the Dead Beaver Area. Far Guy and I were talking. Templates:Tracy has a template on her blog. Andrea has a template on her blog. Jaana has a template on her blog. Tara has a Easter card template here. Kits & stuff:Lisa has Itty Bitty Stars on her blog. Agnieszka has grass borders, eggs, and felty ribbons on her blog. Doris has a freebie from her Exceptional kit on her blog. Holly has Spring Chicken doodles on her blog. Sonja has Felt Negative Slides on her blog. I naturally assumed it to be from the nearby Old Moor colony but apparently their first juvenile to fledge was only this morning so perhaps this bird came from further afield?. This house is here in Brooklyn. Not exactly sure what the story is—maybe another sad foreclosure. My niece and nephew have gone back to the states and the house feels very quiet. Even the pets are fast asleep. Most of the signitures are from Maryland however there are two from Pennsylvania. It makes sense since the towns listed are all on the border of the the two states. The fabric that now reads blue would have been green. The dye process then was to over dye the blue with yellow to get green. Unfortunely it didn't stand the test of time!I saw a few blogs that quilters were listing their fantasy or dream quilt. The photos are by Terry Richardson, it seems, and are pretty good.

Somehow I doubt it.

Aside from the nice replication of Little Edie's VMI dance, you can actually see the clothes. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can do with a paint pen! One of my most popular posts and one of my favorites is The Art of Chasing a Dream. I share nine videos where I open up and talk about my experiences and tips about chasing after the dream of working as a full time artists. This was the year that I changed the way that I eat by drastically cutting out sugar, refined carbohydrates and processed foods. You can read all about it HERE We spend a lot of time exploring and taking small trips outdoors but our October day trip to Oysterville, WA was one that I will always remember as a little extra magical! Simple projects that cost little to nothing are always my favorites and this driftwood heart might be the cheapest and easiest project that I've created and it is one that I love a lot!. Inexplicable, even.

Rich Germans demand higher taxesThe group held a demonstration in Berlin on Wednesday to draw attention to their plans, throwing fake banknotes into the air.

Mr Vollmer said it was "really strange that so few people came". You don't say. My wife's father and mother, Ruben and Lalea Ray. See their beautiful faces, read their 'quirky' bios written in their own words, see some of their art that led me to invite them to be a part of my book, and hear my story of what they each mean to me. I am a planner geek/nerd who also devotes a good deal of time and energy toward not taking myself too seriously. Planners became all-important for me when I attended college as a single mom to finish my business degree, and they became a necessity when I later took a job with a global accounting firm as a staff auditor. As it had during school, my planner kept my juggle focused and manageable. Shortly after earning my CPA, I left the firm to work as a financial analyst for a blue-chip pension fund's real estate asset management firm. Some years and a lot of life later, I find myself now richly blessed with a larger, still-busy family of grown and growing children, and am drinking the kool-aid of a happily married SAHM. Add to this mix: a special needs child, a part-time job, and attention issues, all of which contribute significantly to my absolute dependence on my Filofax. A gift for a NEW baby and using NEW stamps!!!!!Another great project from my stamping retreat! I coordinated the baby Thank you cards to match the two baby rattles. More Happy Birthday Word Dies! Turkey Dies! Exclusive to The Stamps of Life! We still have some left, but they are going QUICK! Happy Stamping!. "I want to congratulate the New York Times. ". Hello everyone. Her first word is "Papa" and now can say "Mama" at last. She likes playing with Papa.

Her most favorite play is drawing.

When I want her keep quiet, I always give her pens and paper. Or, give some baby snacks. I want to open my ETSY shop again because I can have little time for me at last. From her birth, I couldn't have my time and could do only matters for my family. But I want to enjoy my life like before so I decided to open it again. It's very happy for me. This time I got some Japanese fabrics and notions. During the year-end and New Year holidays, I go back to my parents house every year. It's approx. I left my parents house when I graduated my university and started working. Almost every time I go back there, I visit one of my favorite restaurants. It's not near my parents house but near my university. The restaurant is Japanese fly restaurant, and there is a famous menu, Pork tempura. When I was a student, an old chef was cooking the tempura. Working on a little blog re-design and am anticipating a rather peculiar looking page until we've nailed it. A few months back I had the pleasure of spending a half day draped in Vena Cava, eating delicious catered snacks and being lectured by the make-up artist about my skin. Lady, if I knew it wouldn't be happening! Actually, I did know, it had to do with baby prevention and a change in prescription and I'm happy to announce that through good thoughts, perseverance and a ton of asprin masks things are looking much smoother on this old chin of mine. The lovely ladies included in the spread: Thats Chic, Nova Style, From Me To You, Eat Sleep Wear & My Closet in Sketches. I should be banned from using parentheses. We ate this on our trip several times and I just had to recreate it. I doubled the recipe so I had enough to share with friends but I will give you the single recipe. You can either use a roasted chicken or cook some chicken breasts. I sprinkled mine with rotisserie seasoning and cooked them on a griddle pan. Cut them into small cubes. Whisk this until the floury flavor cooks off. I found a wonderful new blog recently: seasonalcookinturkey She showed a recipe for a typical Turkish breakfast that was so enticing. I needed to make it immediately but did not have Turkish ingredients on hand. I substituted with the following. This is a great way to use the harvest from your summer garden.

I was out of fresh tomatoes so I used my oven roasted ones and they were wonderful.

Cube as many fresh tomatoes as you wish.

Halve and seed some cucumbers.

Crush some dried thyme between your fingers and sprinkle it over the cucumbers. Do the same with dried oregano. For further information on these Scams, please Read . .