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An Arctic Cat ATV/UTV repair manual is a book of instructions and pictures to help mechanics fix, maintain and overhaul the vehicle. Rainwater falling on natural open ground will in part lie on the surface of impermeable soils, evaporate to air, run off to streams and rivers and soak into the ground. On permeable soils much of the rainwater will soak into the ground as ground water. The level of the water table will vary seasonally, being closest to the surface during rainy seasons and deeper during dry seasons when most evaporation to air occurs. In Part C of the Building Regulations is a requirement for subsoil drainage, to avoid passage of ground moisture to the inside of a building or to avoid damage to the fabric of the building. I saw I Was a Teenage Werewolf as part of the Sivads of March film festival at the Brooks Museum. I hadn't seen it before. Whit Bissell I like. Brandon, a far more active agent of evil, the movie would have had nothing at all to threaten its characters with. The mistakes aren’t severe enough to be lethal, but they still take an awful lot out of the film. The title concept makes for an amazingly powerful metaphor and that alone carries the film. If he gets anymore excited, he'll knock that tent down! I was cruising the web for North American Handmade Bicycle Show pics when I ran across J-Kove's mug here as he was setting up shop for the Indianapolis event. I thought the expression on his face was priceless. Yeah, he gets to go to Germany. Majorca, and warm environs while we freeze our arses off here in the winter, but he also works. Don't be fooled folks! It ain't all a bed of roses! Jeff, if ya see this, I hope it got better before you packed up and went back to the Rockies. Doing shows is not a whole lot of fun. Especially indoors shows. I know. In Spain and Latin America this involves the celebration known as Three Kings Day. Some of the independent journalists in Cuba now describe Three Kings Day as something from outside of Cuba, but local Christians are trying to revive the tradition publically. Unfortunately in Cuba the secret police in the days leading up to Three Kings Day have raided the homes of opposition activists, beating up dissidents and confiscating toys that were to be handed out to needy Cuban children today. Darsi Ferrer.

All of them are in the above video calling for freedom, democracy and human rights.

Dr. Although in reality that qualifier-"enemy" does not exist in my vocabulary. " - Dr. They learned that there are drop boxes for injured birds at Crane Point if no one is there! Useful information. Talking about his new album Selamat Datang, Abenk Alter tells our Editor about his enthusiasm to take his artistry to another new level, well in this case, his huge step in going solo. What's the DNA of your album? The genre is eclectic pop. The basis is pop, but with an extra effort to explore on the details. Those musicians had produced music that’s unexpectedly mind-blowing in a way that soothes me. How long did it take you to finish Selamat Datang? For the duration, I would say that it took quite a while for me to finish the pre-production, it’s more like the exploration of my musical character. There were moments when I thought that I’ve found “me”, but then it’s not. It took a while for me to learn to practice on writing songs and singing again. I also got a lot of insights from fellow musicians including Jmono, Iga Massardi, Widi Puradiredja and Rifka Rachman. When I finally decided “Ok, go!”, I put aside all my ego and start the recording process. In other words, in the European-facing half of Ukraine, the orange half, the protests are even more widespread and severe than you might have gathered from watching the media coverage. But it's important to keep in mind that the other half of the country, the blue half, is much quieter. You may be wondering, then, why there is such a consistent and deep divide between these two halves of Ukraine. Here's the really crucial thing to understand about Ukraine: A whole lot of the country speaks Russian, rather than Ukrainian. This map shows the country's linguistic divide, which you may notice lines up just about perfectly with its political divide. Ukrainian is the majority and official language of Ukraine. But, as a legacy of of the country's subjugation by Russia, many Ukrainians speak Russian, which is the native language for about one-third of the population. The Russian speakers are clustered in the south and east. A significant chunk of them are ethnic Russian, as well. In some regions, more than three-quarters of the population speaks Russian as their primary language. But the Ukrainian-speaking regions have historically sought a Ukrainian national identity that is less Russia-facing and more European. So this is about politics, yes, but it's also about identity, about the question of what it means to be Ukrainian.

You can tell I lived in Washington D.

C. and worked in politics for awhile: in typical Washington-politics fashion, what fascinates is not the story itself, but the story-behind-the-story: the "process" story, or the "what does it mean" story. S.

write the lead, "President Bush named Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

attackofthecute. How adorable is Evgeny Korolev? Very. I added a couple of pics of him to the brflines site. Go to his page, enjoy them! Keep warm. Observation:God has no problem making it known that He is a jealous God and that He wants to be first in people's lives. He wants no other gods in the lives of His people. He has always wanted to be their God and for them to be His people. This text actually says that His name is "Jealous". He is faithful to us beyond description, but He also wants us to be faithful to Him. He tells Job to quit talking, gain understanding, then let's talk. Application:Many times we get caught up in saying too much. When things are not going right, we tend to want to tell people off, speak our minds, and let them know what we think. The problem is that our words are powerful. It is time to say goodbye to Oregon. And as sad as it always makes me, I am also excited because we have some big plans, opportunities and dreams brewing that just might get us back home to Oregon sooner than later. But for now I have got more than enough on my plate to keep me busy, inspired and thankful! It is back to Southern California and back to some MAJOR deadlines and creative work. Last week, Tammy re-introduced the monthly ADFD Club Kit. So the other week I was in the presence of a few older people who were discussing everyone they knew as only older people can, since they actually have time to notice and think about who is traveling where and who switched from this church to that one, and why, and what everyone said about it, and what has happened since then. The conversation intrigued me so much I later wrote down all I could remember and related it to Emily over the phone. She hooted and laughed and said, "Oh Mom, you have to write that Mennonite novel!"So since she has worked on way more novels than I have, I said with a sigh that I have all these dibs and dabs of notes and ideas but I can't seem to make a story, and what should I do?"Pictures," she said. "I think you need pictures. " It turned out she had gotten started on her retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses by taping storybook pictures of princesses around the room, purely for decoration, but then they took on personalities and soon a story started flowing. "But," I said, "it can't be anyone I know. I've been addicted ever since. I'm primarily a cardmaker but I do dabble in scrapbooking and mixed media as well. I love watercoloring and embossing especially. I'm a music fanatic and can't craft without some sort of background noise.

" Check out this fantastic card Lisa made: Be sure to swing on by Lisa's Blog each day this week for loads of fun Unity inspiration and your chance to win some Unity goodies!! Till next week!.

Back from Phoenix. If you are wondering whose floating head that is, It is Bruce Pearson of the New York Mammoths, aka Robert DeNiro in "Bang The Drum Slowly". There are a lot of really good baseball movies but this is one of the all time greatest. It was filmed at Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium.

Some of the "extras" include Tony Perez, Brooks Robinson, Thurman Munson and Bobby Murcer.

JPGOriginally uploaded by YiPsan bicycles. because Smitty, over at The Other McCain, has done the best ever, most spot-on wrap up - and we thank him. Please have your tray in an upright and locked position with all beverages secured. I don’t want people for me, I want people with me. Scientists pick up deep space signals which could PROVE aliens are trying to contact humanity. We are a family that loves our local sandwich, the club sandwich that you get all over Mumbai. It is while I was in Blr, I had posted about the ubiquitous Mumbai Sandwich. It continues to top my most popular all time posts. For the Birthday Party I decided to make healthy and pretty open sandwiches. I was looking for ways of decorating open sandwiches when I hit upon this word Smörgåstårta, Scandinavian in origin and following this link it lead me to the world of Sandwich cakes! Cake? yes Cake in the way it is decorated. You have to just let your creative juices flow to create a beautiful looking sandwich cake. He buttered the slices of bread and I arranged the cake. Since we did not have time I did not do an elaborate decoration but even this simple decoration surprised my family so much. No one expects it from a sandwich. There are ways and endless ways how you can decorate yours but I know you definitely want to know how I did it. For one thing, the movement to ban steroids was already well underway when it was amplified by the death of Eight Belles. The early speculation that she had been administered them fueled further interest in the subject, and that's what led to Dutrow being questioned about it in the first place. Also, I wouldn't use the word "openness" to describe Dutrow's admitting to giving his horses Winstrol. This Christmas wreath features some very well-known Australian foliage - eucalyptus leaves, flowering gumnuts and little white flannel flowers. These plants are more familiar to Aussies at Christmastime than all the beautiful holly, mistletoe and poinsettias that grow in the northern hemisphere. I'm going to use this image on some of the cards I send overseas to my husband's family, and I'm pretty sure some of my overseas friends will be using the image on cards they send back here to wish their Aussie mates a happy Christmas! Aussie Wreath Set Available in Store Now Susan's Card Renee's Card Ilaria's Card Gail S's Card Two cards from Gail K Christine's Card . I hope you are ready to be bombarded with a variety of christmas themed posts for the remainder of the month! Starting with this christmas playlist that I arranged just for you, dear readers! Thank you all for sharing with me a bit about yourselves in the previous post and I encourage any more new readers to do the same, you are an inspiring and wonderful lot. If any New York dwellers have suggestions for cheap and handsome furniture we would really appreciate it. A Cheshire Pie. A wonderful vegetarian meal. The crust is made with both Parmesan and Cheddar. I add just enough cold water to bring it together. I always put all of my doughs in zip lock baggies. It's easy to pull them together and flatten them into a disk to chill. For the pies filling I chopped some onions and a jalapeno. I remove all of the seeds and the veins from the peppers so you get the flavor but not the burn. If you like things spicy just leave them in. a spent clematis. A Dogwood bud. A Dogwood podTomatilloYou can see the outer leaves already forming. A Balloon Flower about to open. It's Theodora Puddle Pup!!!She lays belly down on the cold stone with her back paws straight out behind her when she is hot. Look at the size of those paws!A little morning nap. Happy Birthday Terry!! This post is a day late for the birthday girl, but as per my New Year's resolution, the card was delivered ON TIME!! One down for this year and oodles to go. Well, I had to at least get the first one delivered on time, right?? My focal point on this is my pretty layered bow created with Vivid Pink Seam Binding and my Bow-it-All Tool from Really Reasonable Ribbon. Agency: PearlfisherVia: TheDieline. Well, that should take gun control clear out of the picture. After all, since the feds banned machine guns years ago, apparently, the shooter must have imported it with his drug shipment. It amazes me how people still think gun control is doable when you have a place like Chicago. Chicago, land of gun control, and, it sounds like this shooting gives them back their murder capitol of the world title. There are still a few months left, so Bloomberg's peaceful gun and sugar controlled residents may get their title back, maybe. Send Bloomy out in style. Not even sure a shooting in Chicago is news. It happens more than just once daily. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I got to see my son for most of my visit to NW Indiana and my nieces as well. First time we had a whole crew going to my cousins for Christmas get together in quite a few years. Had a nice dinner at my brother's house. His girlfriend is a great cook. Was nice to visit with my brother and Vella. Could not ask for better winter weather. It didn't snow until after I was back home. .