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Chaco Canyon, trail to Penasco Blanco, San Juan county, New Mexico. A familiar convention in Mesoamerican art is the speech scroll, a curved line or shape in front of the mouth used to indicate that the possessor is speaking. We do know that the rock art creating peoples of Mesoamerica, including Aztec, Maya, and Zapotec, all had symbols to represent speech or sound. These we generically lump together under the title “speech scrolls”. Examples exist in stone sculpture, on painted pottery, and in the few remaining books that survived the Spanish destruction, the codexes. We also know that these peoples had influence on the cultures and rock art of the American southwest. With this in mind I have kept an eye out for the general shape of a Mesoamerican speech scroll in rock art. Aztec god Xochipilli, p. Aztec Codex Boturini, Fig.

styling Marianne Luning fotografie Anne de Leeuw pictures VT wonen These beautiful soft pink pictures made me smile and so are the new members who joined in.

The Lord has been so good to us- leading and keeping us every step of the way. This is a typical sight while traveling the roads of Middlebury, IN. In the bus, you gotta improvise! One day I wanted some hard boiled eggs and the counter was full with lunch preparations, so I set up a little "egg boiling station" in my bunk. Chels got to hold a friend's newborn baby- such a darling! We loved having one of our dear cousins travel with us for a few days. We joked that she would be "scarred for life" after traveling and living on the bus with our crazy, wild family. bron- le containerbron- so-sosbron- so-sosbron- so-sos. M. It is not often that we get Purple Finches back here in the Oaks. This one visited. At least I think it is a Purple Finch…. didn’t seems large enough or have the right amount of markings to be a Pine Grosbeak. The bird book describes a Purple Finch as being a sparrow dipped in raspberry juice…and I can see that. For about two years I have had this bird stuck in a basket near my desk. Si una persona de buen corazón se encuentra en la trayectoria del ataque, puede devolverlo sin problemas. This is really starting to get annoying but the sheer look and audaciousness of it all is sort of funny. Sort of. I prepare passionately whenever I'm near the Battery Media Gulch, an area near the Broadway-Front-Jackson-Battery corridor fronting the Embarcadero. Late last week I popped in to Kokkari on Front and Jackson.

This is where some of SF's most famous media personalities like to mix it up and talk turkey.

Kokkari is a Mediterranean restaurant with a good vibe. A great place to have a martini after office hours and in a lot of cases, see beautiful people in black suits and ties and splendid dresses. The public exhibition at the Trafford Centre has proved a massive success, as Christoph Scholz, the event's producer explained. He said: "Our success in Manchester is further proof of the strong links between Britain and Egypt. "It’s pleasing to see, that the audiences in the Northwest has accepted a new and even controversial exhibition concept outside of the city’s established Museums and Galleries. I teach my first Beginning Quilting: The Basics class tonight! The class is full - with six enrolled! YAY! Tonight we'll be reviewing quilting basics and cutting fabric. I've been thinking about it. and reading other blogs. I know I'm not the only person who spins as an alternative to tranquilizers, but how many of us are out there? If you spin, and have been doing so long enough to get past the frustration-learning level, do you find it relaxing? Is there anyone at that level of proficiency who does NOT find it relaxing? A curious mind wants to know!. When Holland and Eden were born I did a lot of research looking for other parents of micro preemies, and micro preemie stories. It was before the whole "blog" thing really took off, and I had never even HEARD of a blog. There was a lot of information about preemies out there, but not a lot of real life stories. I found a handful, but most of them were no longer being updated. The stories that we did find, especially the adorable and amazing Lucas and Austin, were very inspiring to us. The biggest reason we started the blog was practicality. So I lost weight, and have to buy new underpants. The size should be whatever my current size is, minus one. The style is a whole different issue.

As with most things these days, there is a paralyzing oversufficiency of choices: thong bikini string bikini boy short hipster hi-cut brief and, Lord Love A Newt In Springtime, the C-string.

My current style has been derided as Granny Panties. There's nothing wrong with them that higher-waist pants wouldn't fix, but choices in pants have shrunk. And they're not granny panties. I hope he won't be too busy helping out his friend at the store. We've seen this advice all the time to think out of the box. However, we've been in the box for so long throughout our entire lives, specializing in what we do best. By doing so, we have a base area where we're already good at, but we incorporate new materials and expand outwards. I think that's why it's important to read widely, instead of just deeply. You're building the supports in order to build the interconnecting beams across them, so that the structure will be robust. I was not exactly certain what I was supposed to be feeling.

It seemed as though this particular age I was facing was meant to serve as a milestone of sorts, especially for a woman.

Would I be forced to now?I sat in a cafe in Bath pondering all this one damp and chilly afternoon, when the door suddenly blew open and I turned to see a quite beautiful lady of a certain age enter. She arranged herself at the table next to mine thereby providing me with a observation point that I took full advantage of. Indeed it was difficult to take my eyes off her. Laughing frequently, with twinkling eyes, she seemed both enormously interesting and interested at the same time. I wanted nothing more than to scoot my chair up to her table and l talk to her all afternoon. the charm-Light Room & a new book from Steven Gambrel it's all by Steven Gambrel, the amethyst pendant light for Urban Electric Co. The Making Of: Steven Gambrel for The Urban Electric Co. from The Urban Electric Co. on Vimeo. . but to dream in light filled blue?. or are you Blue Sky Thinking & open to new ideas? The Virgin Mary is often wearing blue in paintings-blue dreaming may reference mother and child ergo-devotion and loyalty. dreaming in blue may represent calm-tranquility or wisdom and intuition. inspired from postings by Barbara at it's about time. I have an abundance of sun in the front of the yard and though the lilies thrived there two years ago I had a gardener-I now have none. I had envisioned rows and rows-masses-of different lilies. Leslie Woodriff Black Beauty MidnightLilium Leucanthum Lilium Casa BlancaLilium Regale Well, this is what really happens to the poor darlings- stooped over, bent stems,heavy heads,trying to face the sun. It is my fault-I admit. Val DeLeon. co. ukVan Jones, co-founder Rebuild the Dream and former White House green jobs advisor. I think the tables are turning against Keystone. I just don't think he wants to do that. Mr. Saturn paper model based on the Mother/Eathbound series.


I'm so happy to show you the perfect springtime quilt! This is my Meadowsweet Dresden. I actually finished it a month ago, but I needed to wait for just the right Spring day to post about it. It is made from a fat quarter collection of Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson that I bought from the Fat Quarter Shop a year ago. I used a dresden ruler that works great! I brought it outside for a photo shoot. I tried and tried to find a place to hang it. A tree branch, swing set, neighbor's fence. Nope. It ended up on the ground near a row of daffodils that need a few more days of warm weather to bloom. I love it so much, I couldn't stop snapping pix! Here you can see the quilting designs I used. I spent the entire weekend of quilt camp machine quilting this baby.

Laying it out on the ground was probably the best choice, since you can't tell how not flat it really is.

As it's been hanging, it seems to be straightening out, but it really should be blocked. If I waited to block it and for the daffodils to bloom before showing you, you'd be waiting another month or more!I will be buying a new camera soon, so I can play with lighting. I have been wanting solar panels for the longest time. We dived head first into green living then but the one thing I wanted to add when we had the money was more solar power. Finally, they're here. Seven panels were installed while I was staying at Tricia's. We are still connected to the grid and we're currently sending power we don't use to the grid that we are paid for. The solar panels on the roof. Here's the blurb:It’s up to a famous rapper, a biologist, and a rogue soldier to handle humanity’s first contact with an alien ambassador—and prevent mass extinction—in this novel that blends magical realism with high-stakes action. Soon the military, religious leaders, thieves, and crackpots are trying to control the message on YouTube and on the streets. Meanwhile, the earth’s political superpowers are considering a preemptive nuclear launch to eradicate the intruders. पूर्वी ही समस्या ४० वर्ष वय झाल्या नंतर सुरु होत असे परंतु आता Hair पाढरे होणे ही समस्या अगदी २० वर्षांच्या तरुणांना पण होते. त्यामुळे केस पांढरे झाले म्हणून कोणीही म्हातारे झाले असा होत नाही. There is strictly no access to the working areas of the site. Please view only from footpaths along the north side of Pumphouse Pit or the south-west corner of Diddington Pit. Park only in the car park at far end of Diddington village or by sewage works east of Stirtloe. I regret that this will be just a brief note. But I want to express my profound gratitude to all those who responded to my plea for help. Your kindness is overwhelming. I find it impossible to express my thanks properly.

I'll be all right in terms of basic living expenses for the next several months.

That is a very great relief indeed. But since I have no insurance, the cost of even basic tests is significant, so I'm not sure how much good that might do. I'll make some further calls, though, and see what's possible. I confess that I don't hold out much hope on that score, but I also hope to be proven wrong. I'm not sure of the pattern name, but this quilt that Judy made is just beautiful. Her coordinating fabrics are perfect. Her friend tried to talk her into having custom quilting, but in the end she chose meandering, which I love to do. Maybe I've said this before, but I learned to meander on cakes actually. I decorated cakes for many years and there is a technique called Cornelli Lace and I piped that lace on the top of a cake quite often. Here's an image from creativecakedecorating. Last night at guild we had a great program given by Laura. She brought quilts with words on them and what a variety. embroidery, hand applique, machine applique, pieced-both regular and wonky. I've told you about Truman before. And Harpo loves him to death. Truman and Harpo will be buds until the end. Or at least until Truman is tired of being licked and slobbered and jumped on. And bitten. And pulled. And breathed on. I am soooooo with you Truman. -dana. VANISHING? No way. The shop is still run by the family, and granddaughter Annie was kind enough to chat with me about its history and future. Annie's family is a local institution. Her father’s father started DeRobertis and her mother’s father started Lanza’s restaurant down the block. I found her on a quiet Friday afternoon sitting in the cafe, reading about city politics in the Post and wondering aloud if she shouldn't just go back to Bari, where her grandfather came from. Four-year old gelded son of Smoke Glacken seems poised to move forward stretching out and facing winners for the first time. Extra distance should pose no problem, as he was second at nine furlongs at Gulfstream in April. With white on white, I think the texture is so important. I love the texture in your card! That snowflake just jumps off the card. A million bright mornings would not be too many,Long evenings foreverwould still be too few,For I need you and love youso much that it seemsThere arent enough daysin a lifetime with ypou Happy Birthdaywith love Always yours.