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Jeana Ho jokes that she will return the slaps to Jacquelin Chongcourtesy of mingpao. Pakho said that she turned from a goddess to a brother, Sum Yau said that she looked forward to working with him again. She also said that the film about sex was a big breakthrough for her, as she looked forward to challenging different characters. I'm happy to say that I've embarked on a new career and hopefully that means you, my blog readers, will be learning some new and helpful information in the process. I'll have to discuss my journey from Point A to Point B in another post because right now I have something to show you. As one of my first troubleshooting activities, I was presented with a "problem tree" that wouldn't size correctly. Sounded like a interesting issue to me, so I met with the technician to see the problem firsthand. The stampex post office will provide four color prints, as BLACK, BLUE, GREEN and RED. JOY is what I am feeling this Christmas. HAPPINESS because we are home for the holidays and I have time for creativity. BLISS when I am finished setting a "Christmas" table each night. ELATION that Lulu has recovered from her surgery. GLEE that I have filled several tins with home baked Christmas goodies. TRIUMPH because the house is decorated and I can relax and enjoy each day leading to Christmas. EXHILARATION after walking Lulu to the park. MERRY CHRISTMAS and may you have JOY each day. . On Xmas day, I received a phone call from my first-cousin, twice removed, on my Mother’s Father’s side of the family. I wished her a happy holy day, but reminded her that I am Jewish and we don’t celebrate Xmas. Both of my Great Grandparents on my Mother’s Father’s side are buried in a Jewish Cemetery in Szolnok, Hungary, a place that I have visited twice. I have managed to trace some of his siblings in Hungary, and only one brother immigrated to the United States, and I met him once. I also have met his three children, some of their descendants, and these are the generations where the Jewish connection disappeared. What should you speak about? Look for topics that are of particular interest to your target prospects. Francis Ng discusses a major car chase with car stunt expert Ng Hoi Tongcourtesy of on. It will be the first film that the father and son team will work together on. In the film Feynman will play a child actor who likes to feud with Ugly Kwun. Chun Yu revealed that he was willing to permit Feynman to work on the film because it was summer vacation. He hoped to show his son how his father made movies on the set. He did not know whether his son would be able to handle it. theblyleteam.


The Poor Stockinger, The Luddite Cropper and the Deluded Followers of Joanna Southcott reflects on the life of Marxist historian Edward Palmer-Thompson, whose Workers’ Education Association sought to teach night classes in literature and history to miners, factory workers and the unemployed across the West Riding of Yorkshire. The film cuts together archive TV clips of Thompson’s speeches with footage of the current Yorkshire landscape, as Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans reads out a selection of Thompson’s class reports, occasionally cursing the noises clattering away from the mike in his kitchen. The school's safeguarding lead is required to ensure that "where children leave the school or college. their child protection file is copied for any new school or college as soon as possible but transferred separately from the main pupil file. They must also have policies and procedures in line with the guidance of the Local Safeguarding Board. No games, practices or anything student-related will take place at B-B-E tomorrow. And JKC will also be closed. The parking lot is filling with numerous large drifts of snow at the elementary. I doubt any staff can get in short of walking to the building on snow shoes in the morning. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa school. I found these cute little rectangle buckets at target last year, and made up some hot chocolate baskets. Each of them included Hot cocoa and a Christmas ornament. Supplies from CTMH-Everlasting Pattern paper, cranberry ribbon, cranberry safety pin, red sparkles, New England ivy Cs, Say it in Style stamp setOther-hole punch, circle punches. This is a short film about me drawing in Cambodia. There is one scene in the film where I am surrounded by a lot of people watching me draw. A whole lot of people. Most artists do not like to perform under that kind of scrutiny. I on the other hand am insane and I thrive on that kind of situation. You can also see that the drawing I was doing in that scene was my best one in Cambodia. That kind of scene happens to me a lot. It only gets filmed if Yun, my wife, happens to be around. Usually she is off doing something else and it is too hard for me to try and set up a tripod and film it myself. He's been writing exceptional stories since he was quite young. Now, he's in his first semester in college and wrote the story below and blew. me. away. His professor said that the first essay kids hand her during their first year is about the death of a grandparent or a pet. So, I spend big bucks on furnishings. It is the way of my people. Never had a problem with them until recently. When they first opened at The Avenues, Slapperella and I had been shopping at the mall and walked in with a few bags. I don't know the word for "locker" in Arabic, so whatever they were saying made ab-so-fuckin-lutely no sense to me. They were both so rude that we turned around and left the store. This is before we even entered the store to shop. In merito alle notizie che parlano di un ritorno della dott. co. They didn't. As the war progressed and casualties grew, large numbers of men were often transferred from one battalion to another and allocated numbers within blocks which did not fit the sequential patterning seen to date. Some poor schlep just googled "Sekhmet" and landed on my umpteen "Sekhmet you fucker" posts.

I'd pay a lot to know what went through their heads.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Hey, it's time for another Feliciano Lopez update. I added two new pics of him to his page on the brflines site. Cheers!. Just a glimpse into my morning.

still working, creating, painting, gathering stuff for teaching, preparing for holiday sales, trying to be productive as possible - all while holding onto gratitude for the many amazing things that I have to be thankful for.

These days while being introduced I proclaim, "Shake the hand of the man who shook the hand of our President!. Hill Heat : Google's Climate Scientists Criticize Latest Google-Funded Act Of Climate Denial, Featuring Heritage Foundation and Heartland Institute“Their motto may be ‘don’t be evil,’ but they apparently don’t have any problem with giving it money,” climate scientist Andrew Dessler, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M University, told Hill Heat in an e-mail interview. ▶ As IPCC Warns of Climate Disaster, Will Scientific Consensus Spark Action on Global Warming? - YouTube"Drought is the number one threat we face from climate change because it affects the two things we need to live: food and water," says Jeff Masters, director of meteorology at the Weather Underground. I think the new Polar Pals from Art Impressions are adorable. Here's a card I made with Polar Phil. by Dan Phillips Last week I put up Marriage: a tale of paired assertions. It was a good discussion. I'm adding a brief afterword to make my main point clear. However In each case, virtually always it is only the first assertion that is said, repeated, stressed, emphasized, and hammered home. And. I think that's because a number of public Christians are, to some degree, cowards. Those who chose to do bad things were called "outlaws", as such, as well as being "wanted" by whatever passed for a legal system they were also beyond the protections that were the right of the law abiding. That a number of those so deemed were not outlaws because they were as yet unconvicted or even "caught" may have been luck, power or protected by those in power , an inherent unfairness that has been addressed to some degree.

I am not advocating for "Bedlam", "Newgate" or even the old "Mt Eden", however the concept that those in a prison retain rights as basic as voting seems a bit precious.

It is not as if it is unknown at gaols run by "Corrections" as revealed in reports that the killer of Ihaka Stokes got the bash in Paparoa Remand Facility. Living happily ever after has been somewhat put at risk when the bad bastards who are at the center of Sams rather tawdry world made their unfortunate choices and I for one would be better able to assess the degree of concern I should be experiencing if some background on what led to their incarceration, however temporary was published. You can read it here but at the end of the day Simpson should be honoured as have done his duty and done it well. The simple reality is that many war stories grow with the telling. That is human nature enhanced by the 'fog of war'. There is a New Zealand corollary to the story which is less well known. Following Gallipoli Henderson served on the Western Front where he was gassed. .

Happy Tuesday.

Surf is smaller than yesterday. You will need your longest board today. Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach. It's no secret that I am among those who are appalled by and resistant to Trump and his administration.

I made this little quilt because there has been a call for fiber art themed "Threads of Resistance.

" Probably preaching to the choir, but here is my first shot. There might be a second. Happy Thanksgiving, darlings! Here are some of the many things for which CC is thankful today…Couture. Art. Good Hair. Amazing food. Time to Lounge.

Sunshine brings out the best in everyone after lots of rain and bitterly cold winds, even the early blooms in the garden.

Short-stemmed flowers are essential in a windy garden and I love these unusual Tulips One of Caspar's favourite sun-bathing spots - a chair in the south-facing study. "Who?" "What?" "WHY?" Our Cornish lanes are so beautiful again. Yesterday I drove down to St Austell to spend time with a dear friend - and to meet her new Pomeranian puppy. So meet Sherri. After spending time playing with Sherri and her toys I am even more eager to have my very own dog. They were produced for a very short period, in small numbers, just before the War, as the once-great marque's flagship model. A by-product of this novel approach was a confluence of the inherent aesthetic of flat planes of steel connecting two wheels, and the dominant design movement of the day, Art Deco. In its Deco-ness, Zundapp has shown great restraint, only adding curvaceous flourishes to the exhaust heat shield and the tank painting, which both stand out as the finest touches on the machine. The cylinders are fed by a single carb, well hidden under all the smooth aluminum, and a shaft drives the rear wheel. It's not a lightweight, but is meant as a luxury tourer or sidecar tug.