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Bearish price action and closing solidly below the neckline. Today is one of those "key marker" days. A close under today's daily candle is probably bearish. Bubble Mail: Brian from Deus mailed me this crazy nice bubble visor and said "bubblevisor rules!" thanks Brian, Deus rules, big time!.

The roundtable talk with a panel of special guests will showcase positive examples of Women of African descent in Europe taking back control of the public narrative about them and their lives.

Precious Williams - A UK-based author and journalist of Nigerian and Sierra Leonean descent. She has written for a number of newspapers and magazines including the Guardian, the Telegraph, Elle, Marie Claire, Grazia, Glamour, the New York Post and the Financial Times. At school we've been focusing on making our playground a fun place for the children to explore. We did some fundraising so that we could purchase a beautiful new sandbox, but I also wanted the children to be able to put their mark on the space. The Reggio Emilia philosophy encourages us to find beauty in our surroundings and create aesthetically pleasing learning environments, so I rounded up some ideas that will add color and whimsy to the playground! Recycled water bottle sun catchers Cement garden balls DIY stones with natural impressions Natural materials garden stones Tin can lanterns Stone and stump games I can't wait to do some of these projects with the children!. Today the senior design team members at Papertrey Ink are revisiting an older stamp set today to give you new ideas for using it! The stamp set we are using today is called Stitched Sentiments, which you can find HERE in the Papertrey Ink shop! Do you have this set? It's one of my absolute favorites! I've paired Stitched Sentiments stamps with the Life Is Beautiful dies for these cards today. To create each of these cards, I've cut a panel of white cardstock, stamped the stem, flowers and sentiments with Stitched Sentiments, then wrapped the panel with twine. I used the Life Is Beautiful dies to cut out the back panel of the butterfly in patterned paper, then the front of the butterfly in vellum. The stamped panels are then backed with patterned paper. On this teal card, I used paper from the Vintage Linens Patterned Paper Collection. I actually started with the patterned paper in mind that I wanted to use first, then pulled my colors for the stamping from the papers to get a cohesive design. A few gold sequins add a little sparkle and finish off the card. This method of smoking pintos was sent to me by a smoking friend named HeyBud that contacted me through my blog. All I can say is THANK YOU HeyBud! They came out very tasty and I will be doing these again. I left the pintos in the colander and placed them in my smoker. this time I was using my cinderblock pit. People and businesses from around the world are encouraged to take part in the annual tradition of turning off all personal, business, and residential lights for one hour. The aim of this particular annual occasion is to raise awareness regarding global warming. Check out this adorable little game box that I recently saw at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Do you know a child who might like this? You can easily make it with the fabric from the shop. Sally J. made this box and the pieces inside as a sample for the shop. The little box and the squares inside are made from a panel. This is a section of the panel. This is another close up of the darling panel. The state MENA news agency and court officials said the five had been found guilty of "causing the theft of the painting," without giving further details. Black tee: GoJane. Cream cropped cardigan: Xhilaration. Black blazer: Worthington. Red pencil skirt: Worthington. Black sling backs: Nina. I love wearing a bold color skirt or blazer, but I always feel like I have to be careful to not go too over the top for work when doing so. I started this outfit without the blazer, but just felt like I was showing too much with the fitted skirt and low cut tee, so I threw on my trusty black blazer to make the look more work appropriate. IF you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.


blogspot. anambrayouthfarmers. For all those who may think Saturday is a day off for priests, think again. We had exposition and benediction for them. I got there just barely in time, I quickly briefed the server, and we had a holy hour. nickholmes. tastefullyoffensive. slowrobot. Beautiful stretch of weather here in western Massachusetts. We feel like we are turning a corner towards spring. What a nice feeling. We are waiting for the grass to grow. The sheep desperately want to start eating their greens. It is warm now but we need rain. You can't put the animals on the grass too early. If you do, they will eat the grass right down to the roots and it won't grow back. The slices in the photo below were made with a rented "no-till seeder. " It's a machine that goes on the back of the tractor. It slices the earth and deposits grass seed at the same time. So I've been working on a mini Halloween album, and I was excited at first but now I'm losing the excitement! I hate when that happens because then I end up trashing the idea when it's almost finished. I started the video, but I'm just not happy with how it's turning out. I think I'm going to work on another album lol. I'll try to get another video up tonight though.

"Beauty is whatever gives Joy.

" ESVMYumiko Utsu photographabout Yumiko Utsu hereUtsu's site here,. Hello and Happy Friday Ai friends! I've been busy making a few cards for the coffee lovers in my life. I think just about everyone in my family, and most of my friends, drink and loves coffee. I love the fun Christmas designs, so this could be a Christmas card or you could just give it as a friendship card around this time of year. Love the simplicity of this coffee cup card! You can use it for cash or for a coffee card from your favorite coffee shop.

Puts me in the mood for some coffee! Thanks for stopping by the Ai Blog today.

ingredients: altered paper, ephemera, acrylic paint, rub on letters, pigment & dye ink, uniball gel ink. They do say that a change is as good as a rest so Will and I experimented in catching House Sparrows this morning.

The problem is twofold, one of droppings contaminating the sacks that are later handled by staff and/or customers, but also that birds within the building often set off overnight burglar alarms necessitating a call out by the police to a member of staff or the manager.

A chance to pit our wits against those of a gang of House Sparrows. The central message of Buddhism is not "Every man for himself. " And "Aberdeen" is not a swing state. He has struggled to hire staff. Influential Republicans are demanding that he demonstrate he can run a serious general election campaign. But, for reasons that emphasize just how unusual a candidate he is, Donald J. Normally when presidential contenders travel abroad, they do so to burnish their foreign policy credentials, cramming their schedules with high-level meetings with foreign dignitaries and opining on the pressing international issues of the day. But, to a large extent, Mr. With the rise of the Paul Ryan Congress, unseemly publicly humping Ayn Rand's leg was suddenly in vogue again.

So as a public service I sat down and took that shit apart, lie by lie.

Which is sad. Unregulated Capitalism Gone Wild Destroyed the work economy and eviscerated public service union pensions. Period. Full-stop. But to defend traditional marriage is not to condemn, demean, or humiliate those who would prefer other arrangements, any more than to defend the Constitution of the United States is to condemn, demean, or humiliate other constitutions. To hurl such accusations so casually demeans this institution. In the majority’s judgment, any resistance to its holding is beyond the pale of reasoned disagreement. All that, simply for supporting an Act that did no more than codify an aspect of marriage that had been unquestioned in our society for most of its existence—indeed, had been unquestioned in virtually all societies for virtually all of human history. It's hard to give a general answer to that question. On the one hand, there are certainly many instances where background knowledge aids the reader in understanding the text. Much of this is obscure or opaque to a modern reader. So it's useful to fill in the background.

Likewise, knowing about the nature of Egyptian religion can help the reader understand how the miracles in Exodus are sometimes an attack on the pretensions of Egyptian religion.

The cult of Pharaoh.

The sun god Ra. The role of the cobra. Mr. Hinckley was mistakenly issued a voter registration card but had it revoked after he requested an absentee ballot and “mailed in a Democratic voter registration from St. Elizabeths Hospital. So doesn't that make it safe to assume the catalyst for the Brady Infringement supports the party/Hillary platform on guns?. Ken Marquis of Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania has created a widely popular eco-friendly art project that has captivated the world, Landfill Art Project. He has convinced artists to turn hubcaps into canvases and do what they want with them! He's sending out hubcaps every day to artists in this country and around the world. Today I received my hubcap. Thanks to my friend and fellow artist Robin Maria Pedrero for encouraging me to take part in this project. She has already painted her own hubcap. I am looking forward to collaging my metal canvas, although I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do!. We finally got a bit of rain. It's been so dry that my weeds were wilting. It's been a good year to use these self watering planters. My little driveway garden is doing okay though the eggplants aren't growing much. The blueberries are starting to turn blue! Fall flowering Clematis grows well when you plant it in the right place. My house will be painted soon which I am dreading. Workmen will be crawling all over this place and Teddy will go crazy. On his twelfth birthday, his grandmother gifts him an old-school riding mower which belonged to his late grandfather.

An unusual gift for a twelve year-old boy, perhaps, but it works out well.

Perhaps grandma is clairvoyant. Left with little to do over the summer in his small town, Duane begins mowing lawns in his neighborhood. In a matter of days, he finds he has more clients than he can handle. The JAMA article extracted data from numerous observational studies and present the reader with typical number of percentages too large to really keep up with. Farrin A. When I was appointed chief last October, one of the units on this department most vital to public safety was inadequately staffed. These call-takers are the first people you have contact with in an emergency. They handle all manners of stressful and life-or-death situations with professionalism. We conduct frequent quality assurance checks on them, and they consistently perform admirably. .